Explore millions of videos from across the world and Enjoy the content you love to watch. Keracunan organofosfat dan insektisida. Soegijanto Soemomarto Soegijanto Soemomarto(1*) (1) (*) Corresponding Author. Baygon Cockroach Control will give an effective residual control for up to 4 weeks dan baunya yang sangat kuat seperti boleh membuat keracunan pula. 4 .

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If you live outside the U. Gently sweep your fingers sideways across the inside of their mouth to clear their airway. This article was co-authored by Jurdy Dugdale, RN.

Be prepared to tell them: You will succumb to the carbon monoxide and end up a victim yourself. Call emergency services if you notice poisoning symptoms. If the person vomits, wrap your hand in a clean cloth. Just do to chest compressions per minute until help arrives.

If they are unconscious, try to wake them up and ask them to spit. If you suspect they may have, call or poison control. The symptoms of poisoning vary depending on the type of poison. Any medications or dietary supplements the person is taking. You can also ask the emergency services operator for the batgon.

You can also look for evidence such as empty or spilled pill bottles, open packages, grasses, outdoor mushrooms, or berries, or strange stains or odors on or near the person. If the poison came from a package or container, keep it on hand so that you can give keracuman from the label.


Extreme restlessness or agitation. Other things can be quite obvious, such as bug spray or hand sanitizer if ingested. ,eracunan can trap the poison against the skin, causing further irritation. Take off any contaminated clothing using gloves.

Provide breathing support, such as an oxygen mask, a breathing tube, or a ventilator. Poisoning can occur when someone swallows something toxic, spills or splashes a dangerous substance on their skin or eyes, or inhales poisonous fumes.

3 Ways to Treat Poisoning – wikiHow

The treatment will depend on the type of poison the person swallowed. The more information you can get, the easier it will be for the emergency medical technicians to help them.

How much of the poison the person ingested, inhaled, or came into contact with if you know. Accompany the person while they get medical care if you can. Did this article help you? Poisoning In other languages: Remove the person from the area where they inhaled the poison fumes.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. Never induce vomiting unless a medical expert tells you to. The doctor or emergency technicians may need to: If you know or suspect that someone has swallowed poison or put it in their mouth, encourage them to spit out any remaining poison. Call emergency services and wait for help to arrive. Mushrooms can be hallucinogenic, often the doctors will simply let the mushroom work its way out of the system.

  FAA FORM 8060 12 PDF

How do you remove rat poison from your dog? Most of these products are labeled with instructions in case of accidental poisoning.

Journal of the Medical Sciences (Berkala Ilmu Kedokteran)

If the poison seems to have been from berries or mushrooms, take a sample to bring along. Mengatasi Keracunan Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. You should contact or your emergency services number immediately, to get them the professional medical attention that they need.

A person who has been exposed to poison may feel sick or frightened, and may have convulsions or seizures in some cases. Keep the person on their side with their head turned to one side to prevent them from choking on vomit.

Not Helpful 2 Helpful 6. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 4. Look for the signs of poison. Making a person vomit when they have swallowed poison could cause harmful chemical burns in their throat. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Contact a poison control center for advice once help is on the way.