Explore millions of videos from across the world and Enjoy the content you love to watch. Keracunan organofosfat dan insektisida. Soegijanto Soemomarto Soegijanto Soemomarto(1*) (1) (*) Corresponding Author. Baygon Cockroach Control will give an effective residual control for up to 4 weeks dan baunya yang sangat kuat seperti boleh membuat keracunan pula. 4 .

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If the poison seems to have been from berries or mushrooms, take a sample to bring along. Some possible side effects are: This article was co-authored by Jurdy Dugdale, RN. If you suspect they may have, call or poison control. Keep the person on their side with their head turned to keracunn side to prevent them from choking on vomit. Baygn are names of drugs one can use to destroy poison? Unsteady gait when the person is walking. How to I flush my body of cashew seed oil poison? Poisoning can occur when someone swallows something toxic, spills or splashes a dangerous substance on their skin or eyes, or inhales poisonous fumes.

Penasaran keracunan baygon green tea? ????

Making a person vomit when they have swallowed poison could cause harmful chemical burns in their throat. Always check for danger to yourself before assisting another.

Clean any contaminated skin with cool water. Place the poison control number near your home telephone and save it to your cell or mobile phone. This is also important if the poison was due to fumes from a chemical. How do you remove rat poison from your dog? If they spilled it on their hands, it may be enough to rinse their skin under cool water for several minutes.


Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. You should contact or your emergency services number immediately, to get them the professional medical attention that they need.


Provide breathing support, such as an oxygen mask, a breathing tube, or a ventilator. Be mindful of your own safety before trying to rescue another person. If the poison came from a package or container, keep it on hand so that you can give information from the label.

Different poisons require different treatments, so the more information you can give, the more they can do to help. Perform CPR if a poisoned person is not breathing, moving, or coughing. Forcing someone who has keracnan poisoned to throw up may do more harm than good.

Call your local emergency number as soon as possible if you notice symptoms such as: Call emergency services if you notice poisoning symptoms. Rinse the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes under cool, clean water.

Keracunan baygon

If you think the person was poisoned by something natural in their environment, such as a toxic plant or mushroom, collect a sample or take a picture if you can. If someone is with you, you could keracuunan ask them to drive you to the emergency room.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Tips In some cases, it can be hard to know for sure if someone was poisoned e. Some numbers for poison control centers are: Not Helpful 3 Helpful 7. Mengatasi Keracunan Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. Can I help someone who has carbon monoxide poisoning while in the same room as the carbon monoxide? Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3. Any medications or dietary supplements the person is taking. Remove the person from the area where they inhaled the poison fumes.


Avoid rubbing your eyes or discourage the affected person from doing so, since this can make the problem worse. A person who has been exposed to poison may feel sick or frightened, and may have convulsions or seizures in some cases.

Take off any contaminated clothing using gloves. Most poisoning happens when someone eats or drinks a poisonous substance ingestiongets something poisonous on their skin contact poisoningor breathes in poisonous gases or fumes inhalation. If you live outside the U. If the person vomits, wrap your hand in a clean cloth. Check for track marks on their arms if you suspect drug use. What kind of poison the person was exposed to if you know.

Rinse away poison in the eyes with cool or lukewarm water.

Ask the person to spit out any poison in their mouth. Keep them comfortable and safe by putting a pillow or cushion under their head and having them lie on their left side. If the person vomits and is not convulsing, you can gently swipe your fingers across the inside of their mouth to clear their airway.

Stay in this position until help arrives. Read the instructions on the label if the poison is a household chemical. Cookies make wikiHow better. Include your email address to kerscunan a message when keracunxn question is answered.