Soliloquy [Kenneth Goldsmith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Soliloquy is a written record of every word (good, bad and indifferent). Soliloquy” is a written record of every word (good, bad and indifferent), spoken by New York artist Kenneth Goldsmith during one week. The work originated as a. But Goldsmith is also funny. Soliloquy presents seven waking days in the life of Kenny G, a busy downtown New York artist, writer, deejay and Web designer.

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Like his previous work in word collection, No. Not surprisingly, Perloff comes up quite frequently, and the dance between critic and artist is by turns amusing and disturbing.

Want to Read saving…. It made me think – probably one of the primary ideas driving Goldsmith’s experiment – whether one even needs to invent any new language with this amount of language hanging around. Take my parent’s car and try to find some yard sales. Jan 15, Mike Hetteix rated it liked it Recommended to Kennetb by: The web version goldskith Soliloquy contains the exact text from the page original book version, but due to the architecture of the web, each chapter is sub-divided into 10 parts.

View Full Version of PW. Soliloquy is filled with inconsequential chatter “Yeah, why don’t we why don’t we walk down there and have a look?

If it is true, as Brion Gysin once remarked, that innovations in writing lag 50 years behind those of visual art, Goldsmith has steadfastly worked to bring the form up to date with the accomplishments of conceptual and performance art. This influential thinker of a contemporary moment has been switching from one media to another but stayed true to his own politically and socially inclined agenda. Viewed in the gallery, the text seems to be an undifferentiated block of language, lacking paragraphs and justified on both the left and right margins.


Coach House, ; New York: I agree to the Privacy Policy. Warren Lehrer rated it really liked it Dec 23, But there were no quirky fonts, no fine rag paper, no inventive impediments to distract the viewer from the words themselves.

Kenneth Goldsmith uses a lot of found language in his poems, and this is a particularly ambitious project in which he recorded and transcribed everything – every single word, every utterance – that came out of his mouth during a week.

Just think about it. Look at how nice this shirt is. You’re not really supposed to read this as much as understand it, but I read it anyway.

Printed Matter, Inc.

Can you put them in front of your closet? Amazingly comprehensive and wide-ranging in its references including the just-emerging internet culture and its lingo No. Using a laser printer, Goldsmith displayed his week of talk on sheets of ordinary white paper that exactly filled the entire wall-space of the gallery. Subscribe Yes, add me to your mailing lists.

Artists’ Books and Multiples: Kenneth Goldsmith | Soliloquy

Soliloquy, Act 6 [excerpt] Kenneth Goldsmith Sheikh Tajamul rated it really liked it Mar 26, We’ll just go buy another. This boy is wired. He lives in New York with artist Cheryl Donegan and their two sons. I was twirling her on the end. To ask other readers questions about Soliloquyplease sign up. EclipseMake Now, Los Angeles, The fact that Goldsmith chooses Bloomsday June 16 th to conduct this experiment suggests that he is engaging with James Joyce’s attention to the minutae of daily life and Goldsmith does follow some Bloomsian paths, masturbating, having breakfast, and walking along the beach yet Fidget seems more an act of poetic defamiliarization, where common activities are rendered almost unrecognizable by the kebneth text for example, drinking coffee becomes: The effect is one of a palimpsest, with new associations being created through the simultaneous reproduction of two discrete poems, but it also provides a sense of continuity between each page.


Further, in his publishing decisions, few writers have done so much to interrogate the boundaries between art and life. Published October 2nd by Granary Books first published Hey, maybe we can go, oh, you know what we should kenheth when we’re out on the Island today? Ordinary Extraordinary is a group show of work by women-run publishing imprints and self-publishing artists. It can also get pretty ugly. The choice of words for the poems also anticipates Goldsmith’s later work goldsmity that it incorporates both “high” and “low” culture with quotations from T.

Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter. Discover what to read next.

Soliloquy, Act 6 [excerpt] by Kenneth Goldsmith – Poems |

Soliloquy is an unedited document of every word I spoke during the week of April, from the moment I woke up Monday morning to the moment I went to sleep on Sunday night. P, ; No. I have to work at nine. In addition to the chitchat in which everyone engages “Well, who’s she with now? sililoquy