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Well worth checking out for the metaphysical, mystical traveler. That is often we don’t get the full picture of a theory, but Ken Wilber’s intention has never been to do so.


Integraal Als voorbeeld van academische disciplines die Wilber integreert: Published October 16th by Shambhala first published Ego centric, Ethnocentric, Worldcentric — are three progressive, evolutionary worldviews, behaviors, and modes of thought that each individual, couple, group, and nation move through and towards — says Ken Wilber in A Theory Of Everything.

Wilber as editor has not pulled a few paragraphs out of context.

Zo verwijst de titel A theory of everything naar de natuurwetenschap waar dat begrip wordt gebezigd; volgens Wilber dus onterecht omdat die tak van wetenschap zich alleen maar op de niet levende fysieke wereld richt.

Back when I first read it, it was my first keen exposure to a lot of really important and powerful ideas, including but not limited to: I think much of this is incorrect, but i have a few ideas and tools from this book that i think are invaluable.

Ken Wilber – Határok nélkül – PDF Free Download

This point is unfortunately muddied in Wilber’s otherwise quite interesting introduction where he equates religion with spirituality p. Buku yang lumayan berat bagi saya yang sedang butuh bacaan praktis. Pada empat bab awal menguraikan mengenai segala hal tentang Teori Segala Hal, tiga bab selanjutnya mengulas hubungannya dengan dunia nyata dengan pembahasan dari sisi politik integral, bisnis integral, Buku yang lumayan berat bagi saya yang sedang butuh bacaan praktis.

How far have we come since Osama bin Laden attacked America? It covers a broad territory referring to other works most notably his own for more substantive and detailed information; this is my one complaint.


De vraag hoe je diverse culturen moet beoordelen leidt volgens Wilber tot wijsbegeerte. Mysticus Wilber is zeker voor een deel mysticus, in de zin dat hij niet alleen analyseert en theoretiseert, maar ook put uit eigen individuele ervaringen met onder andere meditatie. Refresh and try again.

I assume that this was because of the fact that as the author correctly points out near the beginning I was already well aware of it all. Wilber ultimately suggests that not only is such integration possible and desirable, but that striving for it is absolutely essential. With this in mind, the real purpose of the book is to orient the reader towards their current position.

Foreign translations of the books of Ken Wilber

I won’t be reading this a third time. Op deze manier komt het begrip ‘spiritualiteit’ in het denken van Wilber. Will they lead to a total paradigm shift in our conception wilbr reality? Wilber got me thinking about two things well, a lot of things, but two things in particular. I am speaking here specifically of entanglement, the now widely accepted principle in physics that particles really do influence each other without regard to distance or time, that is, they interact instantaneously even if they are separated by billions of light years.

His rigorous attack on both modernism and postmodernism are well placed I think, but I can’t stop feeling that he is a b Ken Wilber does a good wlber of quickly explaining ideas and categorizing other’s ideas. Wilber mostly lacks literary style with his writing, it instead reads like an enlighten This was the first Ken Wilber book I discovered on a book shelf mua the Melbourne city library, it was wedged between my reading of Jung and Joseph Campbell and seemed to be exactly what I was searching for at the period.

I was concerned before I read the book that Wilber’s integral movement was cult-like but he explains why and umx th This book might just have changed my life. Aug 03, Nina rated wilbee it was amazing Shelves: Feb 25, Marc Arlt rated it it was amazing.

Pada kalimat yang penting, penerbit sudah mencetaknya berbeda, dengan miring hingga pembaca langsung bisa memahami bahwa kalimat tersebut perlu mendapat perhatian ekstra.

A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science & Spirituality

Ada tujuh bab dalam buku ini. Kenn is also, for this reason, often not very specific in his examples. While these people are brilliant, they are also extremely stubborn and unwilling to part with long-held, mainstream dogma.


Wilber talks about higher planes of thought, which sounds great, but fails to really describe these or really what benefit they will be. However as much umz both sides, including Ken Wilber, would like to keep it that way, the march of scientific knowledge takes us ever forward kdn a world view that challenges our most basic assumptions about the nature of human reality. Indeed, I even noted and tested them on my little one.

Leia mais Leia menos.

Aug 20, Wouter Zwemmer rated it liked it Shelves: It’s not a perfect book by any means and I don’t think the quality of the writing is 5 stars. I wasn’t as annoyed by it the second time as I was the first time.

I suspect that this book will cause me to contemplate the material more in depth over time. Well, for that you have to read Wilber’s book for its something so obvious yet complex to explain. Ken Wilber’s seminars are attended by the elites – Bush, Blair, etc. He is tufo scientist, covering bases, and that takes space. However troubling such findings may be to our everyday conception of ‘reality’, they merely confirm Max Plank’s famous statement that “those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it.

Wulber Integral halaman 6. This book might just have changed my life. Aug 18, Jill Carroll rated it it was ok. But I guess that’s part of the deeper issue of Integral Theory–that it’s never going to be appealing or tenable to everyone The meme structure highlighted here is revolutionary, and I believe places the world and the conflicting view points of the world in a more manageable context.

Nov 19, Steve Payeur rated it liked it.