Irish crime novelist Ken Bruen tells Bob Flynn how he exorcised his The Guards, then subverts the premise with his protagonist-narrator. A woman makes an unlikely choice by asking Jack Taylor to investigate the apparent suicide of her teenage daughter in Galway. Jack is ex. Ken Bruen (born ) is an Irish writer of hard-boiled and noir crime fiction. Bruen’s works include the well-received White Trilogy and The Guards. In

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Jan 05, Marlowe rated it it was ok.

The solid foundation stones of his past are gone, and he stumbles fearfully and angrily over their temporary and ever-changing replacements. Your Spotlights are as illuminating as ever. Bruen lives in Galway, Ireland. Make it this year’s specialty of gards house.

If you like your detective fiction terse well written and hard boiled but still with a human soul, read this book. The woman, whose name is Ann, has recently lost her daughter, Sarah. I am a big Ken Bruen fan. His Jack Taylor series ongoing are great reads but they are dark. Archived from the original on 23 April His Brant series are my favorites and are a bit more humorous but feature a chauvinistic pig with a heart in Brant.

There are no private eyes in Ireland. This novel is bduen a story tye Taylor investigating the “suicide” of the daughter of his client. I’d love to hear it.


However, a couple things are readily apparent: But on nruen other hand, he turns to reading and poetry for comfort and has a soft spot for people he truly cares about. I can see why a lot of people would be divided about his technique, but I would certainly read more of the Jack Taylor series. He spent twenty-five years as an English teacher in Africa, Japan, S.


I tried to keep in contact with the four other guys. It was published within a year of his return, and he resumed hte at a school for kne children.

He is a private investigator who tries to solve crimes and help out those around him, but really he is in need of most help himself. There are others much better qualified to do that than I am. So I’m mystified over their enthusiasm. Its as if Bruen made up his mind to tell us this story whether we wanted to hear it or not. Jack, a tainted soul with good intentions when it suits is an addictive character – both literally and fictionally. I’ll check out later books in this series but I’m not sure I can take much more of the guarsd antics.

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I write crime fiction, and I love to talk about it, so please share your thoughts! A Novel Author s: Oh, there’s a story nibbling around the edges regarding some missing women and the bfuen men who did them i The blurbs on the back of Ken Bruen’s novel The Guards are impressive: I’ve heard about this series for ages and was really glad to see the novel offered for kindle by Endeavour Press.

The suicide story line is almost a distraction from the real subject of this novel. Anyone raised Irish Catholic will feel the rhythm of the language and taste the grief and the guilt that many of us carry around.


The concept brushes perilously close to the hated “informer” He agrees and quickly discovers that several other young women have also apparently committed suicide at the same spot.

The Guards (Jack Taylor, #1) by Ken Bruen

Well, he actually spends most of his time soaking up booze but he still tries to help people when he can. Just so you know Ti toglie la stessa aria che ti da. The character’s many references to books and films became a little tedious too but that might be because I was unfamiliar with them. Green Hell John Lee.

In contrast, what I found in The Guards was a loosely told story about a drunk cop who pretty much stays that way. Great spotlight as always, Margot — thanks! This is damn near a novella. His skill as a writer is clear, but not all of his choices played to the strength of the story.

The Guards

This leads him into a dangerous confrontation with a powerful businessman. He is a man who is very uncomfortable in his own skin and in the new Ireland where he lives. Asia and South America.

Sep 03, Aoife rated it really liked it Shelves: With his Garda career over, he decides to set up as a private investigator in Galway. The kken constant in his life is his books and love of reading.