KEMPEROL 2K-PUR is a two-component, UV-stable high performance seamless and self-terminating cold fluid-applied polyester reinforced solvent-free. KEMPEROL 2K-PUR Speedshot combined with KEMPEROL 2K-PUR is the ideal solution for all applications where speed is essential. These include balconies. KEMPEROL® 2K-PUR is a solvent-free and odourless, fully reinforced, polyurethane resin-based liquid waterproofing system. It is ideal for use on sustainablility.

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Electronic Field Vector Mapping EFVM test shall be completed prior to the installation of the overburden, phr after the membrane receives a final inspection. Aggregate Specification and Size: Should any water penetrate the new waterproofing membrane because of incomplete flashings, the affected area shall be removed and replaced at the Contractor’s expense.

Kemperol 2K-PUR – Kemper System Ltd

Kemperol 2K-PUR may only be applied by specially trained applicators. Review weather and forecasted weather conditions and procedures for coping with unfavorable conditions, including possibility of temporary roofing.

Overlap fabric in the direction of water flow. The company maintains subsidiaries across North America, Europe, and Asia. Ensure that overburden is properly supported to provide even weight distribution to underlying assembly.

Ensure that moisture does not damage any completed section of the new waterproofing system. Substrate conditions are to be evaluated by the installer, the Architect, and Membrane manufacturer.


Materials shall be products of a single manufacturer or items specified that are standard with manufacturer of cold fluid-applied polyurethane liquid resin roofing and waterproofing membrane and flashing system. Expansion Joints in Excess of 2 Inches: For conditions where water infiltration behind the exposed drip edge or gravel stop face is possible, install a separate membrane layer positioned kempedol the face area and extending a minimum of 4 inches past the securement flange onto the field substrate prior to installing the drip edge or gravel stop.


Structural details are protected without additional flashings or other keperol fixings. To be applied between hours after application at 73 degrees F, 50 percent relative pu. Pre-mix single-component and two-component coatings prior to application to achieve an even consistency and color.

Use a medium nap roller or brush to work the resin into the fleece, saturating from the bottom up, and eliminating air bubbles, wrinkles, etc.

Do not apply Kemperol membrane to tacky or phr primer Membrane must be applied to primer only when completely dry and without tack. Highly durable and long lasting Weather resistant after 30 minutes Suitable for normal maintenance foot traffic.

Roll this final coating into the fleece, which will result in a glossy appearance. our

Fill crack with polyurethane joint sealant. Acceptable drain and scupper materials are cast iron, cast aluminum, and copper. Flood test shall be of a 24 hour minimum duration, and shall apply a 2 inch water head of over the entire application area. Apply the waterproofing membrane immediately following full curing of the primer in order to obtain the best bond between primer and membrane. Re-broadcast clean mineral aggregate as required to provide full embedment and coverage of membrane.

Follow cap sheet manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate asphalt application rate and application procedure. Install insulation and cover board accordance with the manufacturer’s current published specifications and recommendations for use with adhered roofing. Stagger multiple layers of insulation and cover board a minimum of 6 keperol in each direction.

Kemperol 2K-PUR highly permeable roofing membrane

Walk on the boards to spread the roofing adhesive for maximum contact. Kemper System address and contact details. Provide primers and other secondary materials that are produced or are specifically recommended by manufacturer of membrane waterproofing system to ensure compatibility.

Sealing of air intakes with activated carbon filters. Coloured or natural sand scattered into a resin binder and sealed with a clear or coloured finish. The object content is configured for use in UK, but it may also be suitable for use in other locations. Provide a minimum vertical height of 8 inches for all flashing terminations. Insulation shall be feathered or tapered to provide a sump area a minimum of 36 inches by 36 inches where possible at all drains.


The reinforced membrane system can be surfaced with traffic coatings, decorative coatings, aggregate surfacing coatings and other granular materials to achieve a desired function and appearance. Suitable for landscaped applications where a direct topping of soil or other growing media with semi-intensive-type vegetation such as grasses and wildflowers will be planted.

After completion of surfacing, avoid any traffic for a minimum of 3 days to allow for surfacing to cure.

Provide flat, vulcanized waterproofing joint integral with the waterproofing membrane to accommodate movements over 2 inches 50 mm and capable of percent elongation at minus 40 degrees F minus 40 degrees C across its length and at all vulcanized points. All times are approximate and depend upon air flow, humidity kem;erol temperature. Extend the separation mat vertically to just above the height of the growing medium.

Please note that NBS product guidance is not a replacement for the manufacturer’s literature and it is recommended that Kemper System Ltd be consulted before specifying. Other content by this manufacturer: Apply primer only up to the edge of the membrane flashing terminations. Apply primer with a roller or brush evenly onto the surface in a cross directional method, or utilizing the pour and spread method to fully cover the substrate.