Volume Spread Analysis is an attempt to predict the market direction. If you want to follow the footprints of the big players in the market, relying. Home Tags Kartik Marar. Tag: Kartik Marar. Smoothed RSI by Kartik Marar · nfzrmn – September 27, 1 · Nick Swing MA AFL by Kartik Marar. Trading The MACD Ver by Karthik Marar – Largest database of free formulas, indicators, oscillators and trading systems for Amibroker (AFL), Metastock.

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We will come back Wyckoff later in the thread.

Meanwhile the SM is quietly distributing their holding to the weak money. After down trend when the SM has accumulated enough and is ready to move the stock up again they test if there is still supply present.

The current down Trend may possibly end soon and we may see an Uptrend soon. The SM may be absorbing the stocks to start the game again.

Karthik Marar

Most of the time, the bottoms will see stopping volumes; some sideway moves and multiple tests before we see a reversal of the trend.

You will find weakness coming in at the top of the range and strength at the bottom of the range. Tom Williams briefly mentions this in his book. However we would go into the details now. Similar to the shakeouts in the accumulation zone, you will see a shakeout in terms of up thrust bars. The stock should be closing near the top.


In order to make this ideal, the Upthrust bar normally appears after a wide range upbar with high volume.

Download Trading The MACD Ver by Karthik Marar For Amibroker (AFL)

The general practice followed by most of us is to draw lines from previous swing Highs and Lows or high and low pivots. These are elementary and most of you understand this. The volume would never be excessive. We have to wait for the next bar for confirmation.

All the selection can be performed from the parameter window. If the stock has been moving up on a high volume and then we encounter a down bar closing down towards low on high volume is a sign of weakness. Each bar could be characterized to indicate Strength or Weakness based on the Spread and volume. Spread — Spread is the difference between High and Low. Also commentary is provided about the support and resistance lines.

He was the one who introduced me to VSA.

If the stock recovers towards the high and the volume is low it would mean that there was no supply. It is better to consider the resistance areas are zones where selling pressure increase and support areas represent zones where buying pressure increases. Also too much volume is not good. Either the SM themselves karfhik to shore up the price for their last bit of holding. The Testing for supply is done by rapidly marking down the price.

Sometime you would find weak up thrusts in early trends. The SM also starts the distribution during the retracement. But in general any narrow spread, low volume Upbar closing in the lower half of the bar indicates No demand. This makes it easier for the SM to markup the price and entice the weak money. Looking forward to feed backs. Lower the closer the stronger the indication of weakness. But the move faltered at the next level. One has to be very careful trading the breakout from the distribution zone.


The SM basically moves the market in four phases mzrar follows 1. The problem is that the congestion areas are seen in both Accumulation as well as Distribution areas. Kaethik swing high can be considered as a resistance only if the kartnik reacts at that level. This is called a Stopping karfhik.

Babu Kothandaraman from the above website Page 19 would pause till the supply disappears. In mark up phase after the stock has run up for some time, you will notice the volume diminishing and the spreads narrowing. Users of TG will not find this in their software. The repeat move could be good entry kartnik. The revised Entry and Exit condition are as follows.

So the first thing the SM does is find something that is available a plenty and cheap.