Purpose of this Sloka – This stotra is believed to help us recover stolen or snatched items. The stotra is to be read and then the mantra should. Posted June 5, by meeraghu in Kartivirarjuna Mantra, lyrics, Madhwa Calendar. . For lost items, Karthaveeryarjuna is recommended because, from the. kArtavIrya dvAdashanAma stotram.., Sanskrit text in Unicode Devanagari, other Indian languages, ITRANS and IAST (Roman) encoding as pdf and webpage.

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Dear Mrs Vaishali, please send me your e-mail ID once more.

If you are interested, contact me at my e-mail ID: Posted by gaydev on April 29, at He have lost hard earned honest saving to criminals. Posted by dakshayini on February 28, at Guruprasad Chartered Accountant Bangalore Reply.

I went to a local grocery store and the store owner was a Pandit. Kartha Veerya Arjuna, is our king belonging to the Kshatriya race of the clan belonging to the Kathaveeryarjuna Sahasrarjuna Kshatriya kula race, the one who inherited our continuity of our lineage on earth, till up kartbaveeryarjuna this day. Sadhna, Hope you recover your lost items.

For lost items, Karthaveeryarjuna is recommended because, from the ststus of Sudarsana Chakra, he slumped to the level of a handicapped and cursed mortal, by negative attributes of ahamkara, and later, by proper repentance, went on to recover the powers of equivalence to defeating Ravana.


As valuables are disappearing little by little, it appears that there is a single hand behind all these acts. Also continue this parayanam until lost items are restored to you.

Posted by sadhna on October 25, at 2: Thanks for sharing the information. Dear Tara Gopinatha, I suggest you consult a good astrologer, if you are sure that your prayers are failing. Congrats on success after Shiva worship. May God bless you. I do not know the full sloka but i am chanting only Kartaveeryarjunaya namaha.

A prayer for recovering stolen things

Posted by rajinder singh rajput on December 27, at 8: Hello Meera, Let me tell you my experience on this. Whichever way it is viewed, love and affection cannot be won by mantra, prayer or force of any kind. As a third alternative, the following matter is also added:. A father writes to his children and their reply. I hope I ll get my lost money by chanting this mantras.

Mantra Power

Such items are considered to be public and not private property. I hope i find it…. Kaethaveeryarjuna is the most widely-recited Sanskrit text among devotees of Ganesha in Maharashtra.

I am searching for it but I am not able to locate it. I would be grateful to you if the Stotras are in Sanskrit or Telugu or Kannada. Posted by Premkumar Mallya on July 4, at 3: Even my DH asked me to leave it and karthavewryarjuna on.


karthaveeryarjuna stotram and mantra – A prayer for recovering stolen things

Posted by Premkumar Mallya on September 22, at 5: I majtra do something to get it back, can you please tell me the process of Chanting the mantra Reply. Sri Lakshmi Kuber Pooja needs to be performed particularly on Diwali and generally friday evenings.

Posted by anju on June 17, at 2: My e-mail address is — govindsmantri gmail.

Pls pray for me also as I cannot face my husband if I say I have mqntra it. I am chanting this mantra for the whole day and pray I shd get this back. Jambavan offered the mani to Krishna and also offered his daughter Jambavati in marriage. Dear Shivakumar, Material of Japamala is not significant.

Prayer for Recovering Lost Items | Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu

Later both Arjuna and Ravana entered into an treaty of friendship. A part karthaceeryarjuna my family hails from Kerala and have known that Goddess Attukal Bhagawati, whose earthy abode is also at Trivandrum, when recalled lovingly and with deep faith, helps you miraculously find lost objects.

Like I said earlier, have faith.