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Ploek Psaovicov, Anchor at T 24 to mention a few. This time the Congress was held in Prague, organized by Vemex s. Our Leaders Vision has been going really well with our readers all over the world have a hs at www. I wiwishsh yyouo aalll a g byko susummmer. Benkke AiAiA kekekelllll beb nke. Strong Promise for the Future The Abduction from the Seraglio and Josef Topol: Sea Gull and Philip Glass: Eduardo Castaneda, James A. Luick 32, 00 Praha 2We appreciate your opinions of Leaders Magazine.

Please send them to: Leaders Magazine Moravsk 14, 00 Praha 2 tel.: The advertiser is responsible for the advertising contents. Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors or persons interviewed and do not necessarily re ect the views of the editors or Leaders Magazine. All editorial material and photos in Leaders Magazine is digitally stored and may be republished by Leaders Magazine either in printed form or in various digital media.

All correspondence to Leaders Magazine may be published. Graphic design and printing: Those who are the most in u-ential, powerful and af uent readers in the Czech Republic. To represen-tatives of the businesssphere, diplo-matic corps and to top goverment aaaandndndnd mayors of cials.

For sale in Luxor Bookstore at Vclavsk nmst. ;t s MMagazinee is avavaia laablble e inin aallll roomss oof these ttopop sstatar ,arel ne hhototels and thheeir r rereststauaurarantnts: I am convinced that at is whywhy wis wcreating a platform of high profile individuals will be an excellent opportunity for the magazine creaating ang aa plaeatito acquire new ideas and define new directions of future development. The magazine has brought to the Czech as useful to tRepublic the completely new concept of making important people the decision makers Republbe they Czech or foreigners visible and worthy of positive admiration.

It is therefore all the more of an achievement to start and rasuccessfully develop a project such as Leaders Magazine. I understand fully the intention of Benke Aikell, the magazines founder and editor-in-chief, to progress further with Leaders Magazine, and for this purpose to form a team of experienced Czech citizens of different backgrounds to create a consulting body which would bring this project to an even higher level.


I personally see one of the main goals of the project in creation of a positive Board prenvironment for networking, exchange of views, presentation of new ideas, experiences, env ronmnmenvirproposals or suggestions. PetDirector of Pekos s. Zdenk p, Managing Partner, Equity Solutions s. Vladimr Latvka, former M. Ji Ne, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, esk ardpota a.

Lucie Pilipov, Partner, Via Perfecta, s. Sybera, Managing Director, Sybera Enterprises spol. Pavel tefka, MSc, 4-star General ret. The honour pg organize the Congress meeting is associated not only with the fact that the company deals successfully with natural gas in the Czech market, but also that this year VEMEX celebrates its 5th anniversary since signing a long-term natural gas supply contract with Gazprom export Moscow.

Vladimir Ermakov, a few questions.

We wanted him to return to the beginnings of the company, as well as to share pokek plans for the further development of VEMEX with you, our readers. Maybe I will surprise you, but ten years ago I already had a clear vision that as soon as the liberalization process of the energy market began in Czech Republic, in particular of the gas market, it would be the main direction for VEMEX to take. However, in our beginnings we were indeed active in the consultancy business.

A very important milestone project for us was the co-operation with our Polish partners on the gas pipeline con-necting Czech Republic with Poland a similar or almost identical project is carried sn today by RWE; the pipelineidentical project is carried out today by RWE; the pipeline from PZP Tanovice leading to Poland. However, at that time the circumstances on the Polish side did not allow for finish-ing the entire project. Yet before signing our contract with Gazprom export, we examined the possibility of purchasing gas networks from municipalities.

We also looked at the possibility of utilizing a shut hard coal mine as a best-in-class underground storage facility; unfortunately, this project that sounded perfect in theory, encountered some technological issues in practice that diminished its actual chances for success This means that from our earliest steps in the business, trading with gas was the road for VEMEX to take.

And at the end of the day I was also kqrel for my future colleagues within the gas industry. I think that this factor played an essential role in our successful entry into the gas market.

Is it possible to state that the companys philosophy, based on flexibility towards changing market conditions and responsibility towards its customers, facilitated the establishment of the company among other alternative gas traders?

Remember pilek situation more than 2 years ago. In Januarythere was a true baptism of fire of our companys quality, represented by the Ukrainian transit cri-sis. These times were extremely challenging for any natural gas supplier, and yet we were able to master the situation brilliantly.

Then the economic crisis turned up, which affected almost all of our customers. Again, we always managed to find the optimum solution polwk them in terms of gas supplies.

Along this crisis, which especially affected producers and service providers, there were some new phenomena that emerged namely spot gas and surplus gas in Continental Europe. I think we have succee-ded in this as well, and all the new things, kqrel we have adopted last year, are still being used this year. Lately we noticed that you are planning a careful selection of the customers from the SME clientele. What is the state of your preparation for this market segment? This information is indeed correct; the entry into the SME market has been the subject of our discussions akrel the company for quite some time.

I can only reveal so much that it is associated with trading electricity as well. However, this involves not only our company as such, but is being discussed also within our supervisory board and with our further shareholders.

Right now we have a very clear vision what next steps must be taken, what objectives are to be set and what mechanisms to implement and use. Again, I can only say so much that our intention should be introduced to the general public and hopefully our future customers in the near future.


Soon you will celebrate the 10th anniversary of your company. Have you been able to fulfil all the objectives that you had defined before VEMEX entered the gas market? If I said yes, it would not correspond with my character. We polsk still quite far from reaching some of our goals; they have become and must yet become much more ambitious. We dont want to kareel for the market to surprise us; we want to move onwards pf be ready for the unexpected, just as we ploek been until now. Such readiness is a must in any business, and all the more in the energy sector.

Prakticka Elektronika

To reach our ambitious goals we cooperate with preemi-nent Czech and foreign polk institutions and we have very solid relationships with some of the leading Czechvery solid relationships with some of the leading Czech businesses. All these things gradually create the foundation for the further development of our company. Not long ago you were awarded the ISO cer-tificate. What did it bring about, and what commitment results from such a certificate for the entire team?

Teach Yourself Czech

I can say straightaway that it meant an enormous work-load and preparation for us. To get the quality management TV ISO certificate is a very challenging task, and having earned it is a great compensation for all the efforts we put into the preparation.

On the other hand, I have to say it also opened our eyes in many ways in terms of our manage-ment system; a number of things have to be improved and redefined and definitely there are now better controlling mechanisms set up. We have to consider that a number of customers require the TV certificate from their suppliers, which is absolutely logical and therefore also obliging for us.

Before the commencement of a new season, you have informed your customers on the changes and news in the market, as well as on the planning and resolving of gas offtakes and other issues.

Is this meeting something you organize on a regular basis? We have been organizing such meetings with our custo-mers ever since we have entered the gas market. Therefore we can confirm that it is already a traditional part of our customer approach.

The only thing we keep changing is the venue. However, the purpose of such a meeting stays the same: And thanks to the fact that we are not only a member of the EBC but also a member of the Association of Gas Organizations, we are able to enhance these meetings with information and experience from other European gas markets.

These meetings have proven very useful; the discussions are very open and straightforward and mutually we can certainly respond better to any situa-tion in the market.

You also mastered your role as the organizers of the Prague assembly of the European Business Congress. What is your impression of the event? I have to admit that in the first seconds after the entire congress, and all the negotiations of the different working commissions had finished, we felt extremely relieved that all was over, and above all that everything went well.

I think this is just natural. In the following hours we started to re-ceive different compliments and congratulations for orga-nizing such a significant event. Consider just the fact that before the actual congress there was a working meeting of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Mr. Miller, and that Mr. Hner, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, participated in the congress and in its opening.