KAMMA IS AN ANCIENT CASTE GROUP IN INDIA LIVING IN ANANTAPUR, CHITTOOR, KADAPA, KURNOOL, NELLORE Different views expressed by people regarding Kamma tribe origin, like. . Posted by KAMMA CHARITRA at 6: 58 AM. Kamma caste is a South Indian Dravidian caste. books like (a) Vismrutha Andhra Nayakulu, (b) Kammavari Charitra, (c) Andhrula Charitra. View the profiles of people named Kamma Charitra. Join Facebook to connect with Kamma Charitra and others you may know. Facebook gives people the.

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A ModelConcept Publishing Company, p. However, there was some controversy regarding the origin of Kota kings [ 41 ].

Kamma nayaks migrated in large numbers to the Tamil region. About Me kamma View my complete profile.

KAMMA KULA CHARITRA: Medieval history

Their dynamic adaptability is to be appreciated indeed. Education and the disprivileged: She marreid Velama Dora King. Kaivalya Suthra February 24, at 4: Andhra Region Kamma Population is 50 lacs.

Around this time many warriors from Kammanadu joined the forces of the Kakatiya dynasty. As kamma community is very less.

Historians to look at all these points before they come to any conclusion. After this marital alliance with the three Kshatriya clans of Chagis, Eastern Chalukyas and Kota Vamsa, Kakatiyas started claiming Kshatriya status as evidenced by an inscription found in Guntur District. Journal of the Andhra Historical Society. Wednesday, November 11, Medieval history.


Kammas grew to prominence during the Kakatiya dynasty’s reign CE by also holding important positions in their army. Both may be one and the same or different. Andhra Pradesh Telangana Tamil Nadu.

Availability of water and the natural propensity for hard work made the Kammas wealthy and prosperous. Kamma landholdings were consolidated, and their influence consequently increased, by the introduction of the ryotwari system as a replacement for the zamindari system in the 19th century. We should not get others caste name.

Kamma (caste)

Selig Harrison said in that. He started as a communist in the foot steps of his father and later entered electoral politics by joining the Telugu Desam Party. Kammas thickly concentrated in Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam distrcts. Mandapati Ramabhadra Raju was famous among the Ongole Mandapati kings. Marutheeraja May 20, at 6: As Rudramma Devi’s husband Veerabhadra was from Eastern Chalukya family of Kashyapa gotra, subsequently Kakatiya rulers mentioned themselves as Kshatriyas of Kashyapa Gotra in their inscriptions.


In medieval times the term ‘Kapu’ meant a farmer or protector. His successors ruled until There are impending signs of a gulf developing between the rural and urban Kammas. Andhra history is rich in the prowess of all castes and clans in their own chosen spheres.

We should be proud of being what we are. Uppalapati Kasyapa gothra ,but later this zamindari was trasferred to Mullapudi Kamma caste family.

Retrieved 30 March The division of warrior class into many castes and their consolidation commenced during the time of Kakatiya king Rudra I CE. Jaggayya ruled Chintapalli from onwards. Infact it is very difficult to find out all kamma rulers history since they are military leaders from thousands of years and most of them are huge land holding feudal lords.

Marutheeraja May 20, at 9: I agree Kakatiyas were neither Kammas or Reddys.

Ranga ‘s study in the s. The zamindars of Challapalli and Kapileswarapuram founded many schools and libraries. First of all kammas are not kshatriyas.