The hypotenuse is the exiting nerve; the base is the caudad vertebral body; and the height is the traversing nerve root. from publication: Kambin’s Triangle. To compare the short-term effect and advantage of transforaminal epidural steroid injection (TFESI) performed using the Kambin’s triangle and. Objective The aim of this study was to conduct a randomized, blinded, prospective outcome study on the short-term benefits of the Kambin triangle vs. the.

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Cadaveric Analysis of the Kambin’s Triangle.

Kambin’s triangle, Lumbar, Transforaminal, Stenosis. Percutaneous Transforaminal Endoscopic Spine Surgery: He has successfully performed more than 1, cases. Transforaminal endoscopic spinal surgery. Eur Spine J ; No correlation was found between the other variables tested and therapeutic effect.

Kqmbin divided the foramen into four quadrants Arrow: It is defined as a right triangle over the dorsolateral disc. Epidural steroids in the management of chronic spinal pain and radiculopathy. Timothy S CrallLouis A. Am J Phys Med Rehabil. Always consult your doctor about your medical conditions or back problem.


This page is best viewed with JavaScript enabled. The Kambin’s triangle approach was thought to provide reduced therapeutic effects, because the agent was injected into the lateral epidural space, but in this study no statistical difference was found between the two methods.

Kaye Pain physician This approach advocated a more horizontal trajectory to the disc and visualization of the epidural space. PELD has the advantages of shorter hospital kkambin and a lower risk of infection compared with standard surgical procedures, such as open or micro discectomy for lumbar disc herniation. Paraplegia following a thoracolumbar transforaminal epidural steroid injection. Radiographic analysis of sagittal plane alignment and balance in standing volunteers and patients with low back pain matched for age,sex, and size.

Cadaveric Analysis of the Kambin’s Triangle.

Skip to search form Skip to main content. Kambin’s lambin is defined as a right triangle over the dorsolateral disc. Find articles by Yongbum Park. When the agent diffused into the epidural space, the agent diffusing from the injected vertebral body by blocking the needle in the cranial-caudal direction and diffusion to the anterior or posterior epidural space was analyzed on the lateral view.


Both groups did not tirangle nerve root damage as a complication, and injection into the intervertebral disc was found in two cases of the subpedicular approach. AdlerHamid AbbasiChristopher M.

Open in a separate window. VNS was improved 2 weeks after the injection and continued to improve until 4 weeks in both groups.

Clin Orthop Rriangle Res. The hypotenuse is the exiting nerve, the base width is the superior border of the caudal vertebra, and the height is the traversing nerve root. Pathoanatomy and pathophysiology of nerve root compression.

Kambin Award – joimax international

In a retrospective study, Crall et al. Ralf Wagner and Dr. As a result, two cases of injecting the contrast agent into the intervertebral disc were found in the subpedicular approach, but no cases in the Truangle triangle approach.

Yeung, MD and Christopher A. Citations Publications citing this paper.

They suggested using a partial superior facetectomy to avoid ENR injury [Figure 2].