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Na oh Hindu na oh momin, Na sajdaa den maseetee hoo. The soul is a merchant, the ego is a highwayman Who robs her on her way to God. Sun taqbeer fanai walee, Murhan muhaal theeose hoo. Many nights have I stood in prayer and supplication; My heart burns in the fire of longing for the Lord.

Galeeaan de wich phiran nimaane, Laalaan de vanjaare hoo. Makke de val soee jaande, Gharon jinhaan tarotee hoo. Jeenda kee jaanan saar moiaan dee, So jaane jo mardaa hoo.

The Friend does not dispense the balm for my heart; The heart suffers but love does not accede, While in the arena of love, rages the fire of longing! The veil will not be lifted without knowledge of the Way- The heart will stay dark like a house of idols. Qadeem hamesh jalendaa milio, So yaar yaar na jaanee hoo. Na main aalim, na main faazil, Na muftee na qazee hoo. Kalme lakkh karorhan taare, Walee keete sai raaheen hoo.

Abyat e Bahoo

Why carry the burdens of life on your soul When, through devotion, you can merge in the Lord? They acquire through kalamm revelation, The knowledge real and true!

Water flows in streams, like life in the river of time. Chhaatee de wich baahoo deraa, Sher baithaa mal belaa hoo. Kun faikoon jadon farmaaiaa, Asaan vi kole haase hoo. De darood gharaan noon vanjan, Kookan sheraa sheraa hoo. No one ever found him through learning Or by knowing the scriptures.


Listen to my supplication.

But for a blatant sinner like me, says Bahu, who would have given you such a chance To exercise your forgiveness? Kalmaa aashik parhhde, jithe Noor nabee dee holee hoo.

Abyat e Bahoo Kamil in Punjabi and Saraiki is a treasured gift for all schools of thought, seekers, common people and lovers of Sufi poetry. Kalma dog of ego should be kept on its leash; Indeed, it should be minced into small pieces. Hik dam sajjan, lakh dam vairee, Hik de maare marde hoo.

Kalam Hazrat Sultan Bahu | Sufi Poetry

I never met him through bathing in holy waters- I roamed far and wide in a fruitless search. They were filled with joy and decided to distribute the brick among themselves in equal parts. Kaee mantaare tar tar haare, Koee kinaare charhhiaa hoo. He will drown himself up as a sheikh in a mosque Or acquire other religious titles to boost his ego. Sir soolee te chaa tangio nen, Eho raaz piram daa hoo. For, where my true Moon rises, Your light will pale into insignificance.

I am already in anguish about my stay here. Nafal namaazaan kamm zanaanaa, Roze sarfaa rotee hoo. On this path there is neither teaching Nor learning from books.

Kalam e Bahoo – Kalam Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (R.A) – Iqbal Bahoo – video dailymotion

Maile noon kar dendaa chittaa, Zarraa mail na rakkhe hoo. One of them was sent to bring some food from a nearby market. Qabraan de wich ann na paanee, Kharch abhoo ghar daa hoo. But all the objectives of kalaj are met, O Bahu, When the Master bestows a merciful glance!

  LEI 11036 DE 2004 PDF

Jeeondiaan Shauh kise na paaiaa, Jain laddhaa tain mar ke hoo. Hik suttian jaa waasil hoo, Hik jaagdiaan hee mutthe hoo. They have done their wuzoo with the holy Name; They have bathed themselves in the ocean of oneness.

There is no treasure like Kalma, O Bahu, In this world and the next.

Doven jahaan ghulaam tinhaan de, Jain sil Rabb sambhaaliaa hoo. This world is but a false drama Unless union is attained with God, O Bahu — — — — Naheen faqeeree jhalliaan maaran, Suttiaan lok jagaavan hoo. Neend haraam tinhaan te, jehrhe Zaatee Ism kamaande hoo. My ship is caught in perilous seas Where even mighty whales dare not venture. They are restless day and night; They cry in the pain of their separation from God. Many dived into that ocean ill-prepared, And drowned- Jalam the rare one who was able to swim across!

Nahun aqrab labh leeose, Jhagrhe kul naberhe hoo. Zabaan taan meree kun braabar, Morhaan kam qalam de hoo.