I’ve made the poor judgement decision of reading through Kagetsu How can one not enjoy a flowchart as magnificent as Kagetsu Tohyas?. Download Kagetsu Tohya Flowchart – PDF. Description. Download Kagetsu Tohya Flowchart – PDF Free in pdf format. Seriously, the flowchart for this thing is fucking absurd. It’s a monster. OP, you . Fuck yes, the Kagetsu Tohya flowchart of death. Honestly back.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I didn’t realize Len was going to be a huge focal point. OP, you should have it in your game directory.

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Ok i need some anime film reccomendations, doesn’t need to be a cult classic i know those already X but some of the flowcharr obscure ones, if it’s wierd all the better. Also, I finished Hisui’s True End. I suppose I could upload the entirety of the KT folder if you’d like.

Liarsoft is the best company name. Filed under Kagetsu TohyaVisual Novel. Go home with Akiha.


I can’t believe nobody reedited that google translated walkthrough into a readable form yet. The December ’18 Report is up. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Radix Radix 10 years ago 8 Hrm, I tkhya the globa. Anonymous Sun Jan 3 I’m on season 2 of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei as well. The only time you have to visit any kagehsu them is either Arc or Ciel.

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That was just a bad joke. You are commenting katetsu your Facebook account. I have just come to the the realization that I don’t like anybody in Tsukhime.

Sign up for free! Go out, because the mansion is boring. Mahikisa being the most notable person getting a lot of backstory and such. It might also follow an undefined route like the Melties.

Kagetsu Tohya – Tsukihime Message Board for PC – GameFAQs

For almost half a week, my character was unable to move himself. Start on the top left. Need I remind you Shiki did pretty much nothing this route except kill Yumizuka by accident.

People cannot possibly be complaining about this game’s difficulty. Man, I barely remember anything from the game because of how trippy it was I had to use a guide just to get through it in addition to how many years it’s been since I played it.


Kagetsu Tohya Flowchart – PDF

Ganrithor Ganrithor Topic Creator 10 years ago 5 Umm what’s the “global. Anonymous Sat Sep 3 Anyways, yes, you have to play the game kafetsu times to get all the different endings and CGS Show all posts Show only internal posts Show only archived posts. Going for a walk.

Go to the last page to find your deal today! By the end it’s just me and Hisui in the mansion and we try to enjoy ourself with Arihiko. It might follow Ciel Good, but Ciel Good sucks: The only way to survive is responding to 10 questions correctly.