Heterosis breeding is used to improve yield quantity and quality of Tomato ( Solanum Exploitation of hybrid vigor in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) is economical and easy International Journal of Vegetable Science. study. Yield and leaf area showed highly significant heterosis in F1 hybrids ranging from to % and .. Harayana Agricultural University Journal of. Seven F1 wheat hybrids were tested at two different spacings of the plants within the rows. Although some crosses exhibited heterosis none yielded significantly.

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Fruit diameter heteroosis the greatest variation amplitude in averages, varying from 8. Descriptores para Capsicum Capsicum spp. Tinjauan terhadap produksi, konsumsi, distribusi dan dinamika harga cabe di Indonesia [Review of production, consumption, distribution and price dynamics of chili in Indonesia].

Heterosis studies heferosis chillies Capsicum annuum L. In general, these results indicated predominance of GCA effects in relation to SCA ones, which means predominance of additive effects on height characteristic before and afterwards fruiting ; days to flourishing; fruit length and diameter, and number of fruits per plant.

Direktorat Jenderal Hortikultura Kementerian Pertanian. Days to fruiting varied from 44 to 52 days after transplanting, enabling a selection of early genotypes.

Heterosis Dan Heterobeltiosis Pada Persilangan 5 Genotip Cabai Dengan Metode Dialil

Regarding canopy diameter, there was no significant difference among treatments and values varied from Seedling production, transplanting period and cultural treatments were the same adopted for plant cultivation in the hybridization period. Chili peppers Capsicum annuum for ornamental purpose has gained scope representing hdterosis options such as cultivation of potted plants in gardens and also as cut foliage. Services on Demand Journal.

Jurnal Agronomi Indonesia, 38 2— Scientia Horticulturae,47— For flowering date, negative heterobeltiosis occurred with value ranging from Retrieved from website Ganefianti, D. These studies described a negative correlation between fruit size and number of fruits per plant, indicating that lower values of fruit size enable greater production of fruits per plant, an association that grants better attractiveness and harmony in ornamental ambiance.


Similarly, Nascimento et al.

Retrieved from website Farid, M. In hybridization stage, the plants were cultivated in greenhouse structure Capsicum annuum is the most studied species of the genus, including in genetic and breeding terms, and several investigations report results of diallelic crossings. The results indicated that in general heterosis and heterobeltiosis occurred on plant height, date of flowering, date of fruit set, fruit length, and number of fruits per plant on 4 population of F1 resulted from crossing of 2 x 14, 14 x 30, 17 x 14, and 30 x Nurnal from website Reddy, M.

Heterosis and heterobeltiosis evaluation were conducted in a field experiment heterisis Indonesian Vegetable Research Institute from March until October using a randomized block design, replicated 3 times.

Testing methods for heterozis self-pollinated fruits in ornamental peppers.

Heterosis and combining ability for ornamental chili pepper

How to cite this article. All the analyses were performed using Genes software Cruz, Gene effect and heterosis in Capsicum baccatum var. Consumption in Brazil still has much to evolve, especially when compared to consumption in more mature markets, such as the European Neves et al. Keywords Agroforestry DNA extraction Dioscorea Pterocarpus indicus RAPD adaptation antioxidant diversity genotype growth in vitro lowland maize mungbean plant growth population rice soil fertility soybean stability wheat.

Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 22 1— In sequence, fruit length and number of fruits per plant had also great amplitude of variation in averages, both composing six classes. Hybridization efficiency HE percentage was calculated based on the following expression:.

Concerning HET1, almost all hybrids had lower average compared to their parents and negative heterosis, except for UENF x UENF that obtained higher height average than parents and positive heterosis.

Evaluation of heterosis and combining ability of yield components in chillies. Breeding programs can use heterosis and combining ability geterosis, aiming to commercially explore hybrids or develop populations for lineage selection with desirable characteristics. Regarding the character HET1, 11 hybrid combinations had satisfactory results, with negative values for heterozis following characters: Six accessions of Capsicum annuum from germplasm bank of the Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro UENF Table 1 were selected based on preliminary studies for indication of genitors with potential ornamental use Silva et al.


Such reductions are desirable for ornamental Capsicum breeding programs. Annals of Agri-Bio Reserch Phenotyping and selecting parents for ornamental purposes in chili pepper accessions. Hort memuat artikel primer yang bersumber dari hasil penelitian hortikul Heterosiis Capsicum annuum L. Eight quantitative descriptors were analyzed with basis on average values of each access: Latvian Journal of Agronomy, 45 17— In this study, combining ability of C.

Specifically for plant height, these authors observed variations of These results suggest the presence of variability among the studied genotypes.

Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages. ABSTRACT Ornamental use junral Capsicum genus chili peppers has expanded due to easy seed propagation, short germination period, diversified fruit colors and harmony of potted plants. When used in crossings, these genotypes contribute to small-sized plant obtainment, generating individuals for potted plant market with indoor decorative purposes.

Crossings were managed by sampling newly opened floral buds of each male parent for pollen withdrawal. Five genotypes of randomly selected peppers were intercrossed in diallel mating design in the Screen House of Indonesian Vegetable Research Institute on September Breakthroughs in the Genetics and Breeding of Capsicum and Eggplant p.

The ornamental plant sector requires cultivars adapted to different cultivation conditions in pots and gardens.