The Gokyo no Waza as the standard syllabus of Judo throws originated in From to the Kodokan Gokyo no Waza was made up of 40 throws in 5 . Looking for the best Judo throws for beginners? Look no more! Robert of is dishing out a top 10 list of Judo throws you. As a Brazilian, growing up with jiu-jitsu since the 80s (here we call it simply jiu- jitsu) my impression as to why we don’t teach as many takedowns as judo (I’ll.

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Watch: Best of BJJ Takedowns & How They Differ from Judo Throws

Writing is something that Robert has been pursuing for the past couple of years. The Gracie Self Defense makes heavy use of the hip throw in all of its variations.

So when I see a video showing what judo throws to use in BJJ, it’s just not realistic unless you have a background in judo, in which case you’re going to use whatever suits your body uudo and stylistic choice. I think throws seem a lot harder than they are but much like shots, you just have to go for them and they start to takedowhs.


I was one point down at about 4: Romulo Barral takedown highlight where he uses alot of sit up guard and arm drags: These videos are nice and I appreciate takedowwns they’re trying to do.

6 Judo Takedowns Bjjer’s Should Know

Hungry for more stories? Black Belt – Get Verified Click here to verify your rank to get black belt flair. The Kodokan judo syllabus has 67 different throws but bjj guys need only know a handful to be effective from standing.

Looking to dominate your opponents with superb techniques like Tadahiro Nomura did in Atlanta? Submit a new link. Curious to find out more about this particular move?

5 Best Judo Takedowns for BJJ : bjj

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List of judo techniques

This can lead them to believe they’re more prepared than they really are or take reckless chances with their own safety and the safety of training partners. In my experience, I reckon you could get kids and beginners to score with a clumsy Tai Otoshi before they could do the same with a double leg.

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Techniques just fall flat without some kind of conceptual and physical framework for executing them. It seems like those two could pair well together, like if the toss fails go to the guard pull. Posting Rules Follow the rules of reddit and use reddiquette. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Quintet 3 Dec 9: If you plan to become a serious judokagood technique is a must — no matter how strong you are. Judo is a combination of power, technique, and strength.

Eh they are just demonstrations of throws though. That grip looks like a fantastic way to use that throw in BJJ. No compensation in any form has been made to be listed above. I get that the transition to ground work may seem easier Jiu-Jitsu judk Wrestling Sparring. Double leg takedowns are popular in BJJ but prohibited in the current judo rules.

If I really need to, I am going to look tkaedowns a lengthy judo video with lots of details.

People have natural inclinations.