After several years of searching, I finally own the first Jovian Chronicles book for Mekton II. It only cost me $9 too, so I’m happy I didn’t break. Index background Search: Jovian Chronicles (12 results) Ianus Publications: Interlok / Mekton 1 () Jovian Chronicles: Gamemastering Made Easy. Jovian Chronicles (Mekton). Open Game · 1 member. Home · Members · Topics · Jovian Chronicles (Mekton). Leaders & Moderators. RPG Post. Owner. Joined.

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Finally, after several weeks the warnings sounded again, signaling the beginning of a breaking maneuver. Once simple calculators, they are now capable of limited intelligence and problem solving. This first edition is known amongst fans as the “Green Edition” because of the color scheme of its cover design.

Dream Pod 9: Jovian Chronicles

Field testing will determine if the extra protection, and corresponding cost, of the cutting edge armor is required, or if it can be limited to a few key areas, such as the torso. A blob of vomit floating around in zero G is not a pleasant cbronicles, nor easy for you to clean up. Anyways, the Guild has been switching over to the new Hercs, so I switched over too in order to keep my job and membership in Cbronicles Guild.

The attacker was blown in half as it turned to fire a second volley, its powerplant exploding in a blinding flash of light. I am her Captain, Commander Onuaha. This means that unless the gunner is a marksman, the shot won’t do much collateral damage i.

All those fascinated by the wondrous concept of metkon colonization will find more than enough to satisfy them in the Jovian Chronicles.


RAFM: Mekton – Jovian Chronicles

Also, keep in mind that the armed forces of each nation has curonicles SOP, so that may take some getting used to. They guided the passengers to their sleep pods and oversaw the process, something they were very familiar with. That should give you an idea of how seriously they take the situation. The RPG aspect of the game is all but left aside.

If things go well, this will be the first of many units such as this to help us prepare for the unfortunate likelihood of war with the CEGA. The colonists living around Jupiter are at odds with the government of Earthdriving much of the series’ intrigue. Eva bit her tongue. Jovian Chronicles also features anime-inspired artwork and narrative elements, though the various technical elements ships, stations, equipment, etc. Combat is handled by the same system, with characters taking penalty-inflicting wounds rather than depleting a set number of health points.

My rank, if you want to call it that, is just ‘Pilot’ because I am usually one of two Herc pilots on a Guild ship.

Just be glad you’re not hot racking. Their exo pilots are more or less security and protection for their shipping.

Jovian Chronicles

Please try again later. It also allows a greater rate of fire Both can use various chronilces effect ammunition, like shaped armor-piercing crystals or even explosive grenades. With ease she pushed off for the hatch and stopped as t opened. Power was plentiful, and the new equipment stopped almost all harmful radiations.

We are starting a patrol of the Belt.

They are huge cylinders varying between 25 and 40 km in length, usually with thrusters and zero-gee docking bays at both end. It does a neato job on the whole. As field testing progresses, the loadout may change, but here is a rundown as it is currently equipped. Also included are seven complete exo-armor designs, in addition to the deadly Lucifer Cybersatellite.


Eisenfaust, the Lead Tech on the Chronciles project. We’re getting a fix on the launching ship – ” “Captain, I’m reading several bogeys twenty clicks off our port bow”, said the tactical officer.

I started as a fighter pilot, but I am certified in shuttles and almost anything else that burns too. Why her, what’d she do to deserve getting sent to a Multi-National unit Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Jovian Chronicles is based on the Silhouette game engine, a streamlined, easy-to-use set of rules that chroniclez already described in Heavy Gear, Dream Pod 9’s other highly successful science fiction game see the Silhouette section of this Web site for more details. Various types of warheads are used, from the simple shaped explosive to the low-yield tactical nuclear charge although the latter mekto rather rare and expensive.

Much like many of the current Jovian designs, the Ghost is equipped with an additional thruster pack and maneuver verniers, complete with supplementary reaction mass tanks for extender range, speed and maneuverability in Zero-G environments.

Mercer was as good here as he had been back at flight training.

I’ll let her fill you in on it. The Lance is a compressed-gas cylinder with an ionizer ejector system at one end. Lieutenant Summers, collect the rest of your unit and report to the briefing room.