Did you know that you can embed PDF files in content just like you put flash and other media? Well, this plugin from Techjoomla does exactly that – it allows you. The 3d display module is very easy to integrate with Joomla, as now days the website are very user friendly and rich in user interface using various technology . Phoca PDF plugin is a part of Phoca PDF framework, which is a component for Joomla!. After installing this component you need to install and enable Phoca.

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It is working fine on all our joomla. Posted on 07 February Ease of use Nothing to it, just gives you a button in editor to embed the file you want.

PDF and Office Document Viewer

It is compatible with Joomla! ARI Colorbox is Joomla! Ease of use Easy to set up, but it doesn’t work.

Use to display PDF documents from own web site rather than google docs. This application needs the Jomsocial Extension. But my hopes is to get away from PDFs eventually since blog views look ugly with the viewer bars etc.

PDF Embed, by Techjoomla – Joomla Extension Directory

I get this plugin to work in Chrome but not in Safari and iOS Not at all complicated. Very easy, very quickly and visionneuxe what I needed!! Hi, The plugin should work with Visionnwuse and you’re the first one to report this problem. Users can select if they want to receive daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly updates. I have use it at one of my website but when I share it with my client for demo it was not showing and loading constantly. Oct 10 Date added: JBolo is a messenger for Joomla.


Ease of use Very easy to use. Didn’t work for me for powerpoint Hildie 1. There was a very small problem, but the developer vosionneuse quick to respond.

Posted on 23 December Great module, I was looking for something like this for a long time. Plus users can also add comments and personal notes against the content and add it to their own Like lists for better organisation. Open the document that you want to embed.

PredWeb 3D Viewer

When copying the link to the plugin into an article, make sure that you don’t use an editor that adds code! Demo Support Not available Documentation. Excellent Plugin Willy Neuhaus 6. Main features Possible to show data from different social networks: You can submit a feature request on our forum and we will investigate the problem in more details. Using This extension you can easily unleash the feature This application needs the CB Extension.

Posted on 02 January Main features provides statistics of test results allows to group tests via categories supports sub-categories supports ability to limit actions on backend for users from selected user groups provides number of predefined types of questions possible share re A must have for practically every Joomla site out there, this extension will turn the ‘Vanilla’ Joomla emails into a work of art.


Very efficient easy to customize easy to install a lot of settings offering a large range of choices support very quick and pro i would not have needed it if I jomola read the doc entirely Unfortunately I don’t have the possibility to test the plugin with Safari and iOS. CMS component – it displays panoramic images or interactive virtual tours e. Could you send the version number of Safari that you’re using and the URL of your site so I could try to reproduce the viskonneuse. Create panoramic views with single large panorama image.

Simple and effective Joan 4. Display 12 30 60 Please note that if you want to use a newer version of the panorama plugin or outside a Joomla! Displaying information on our website so visitors don’t need to open another window to see the pdf document. InviteX was written with a very clear goal in mind – Help site administrators increase their site visitors and members using Viral Invitations.