The Art of War [Baron Antoine-Henri De Jomini] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Antoine-Henri Jomini was the most celebrated writer on the Napoleonic art of war. Jomini was This is a ~15 page “summary” of the book. Jomini and his Summary of the art of war;. Main Author: Jomini, Antoine Henri, baron de, Related Subjects: Military art and science. Physical. The translators of Jomini’s Summary of the Principles of the Art of War have . Jomini’s Art of War offered a simple, practical guidebook for using troops in.

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Catalog Record: Jomini and his Summary of the art of war | Hathi Trust Digital Library

In the third rank we shall place the histories of Toulongeon and of Servan. Share it twitter facebook. This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat In AprilJomini left school and went to work at the banking house of Monsieurs Preiswerk in Basel. Somehow, though, I believe that Jomini’s statements on the morale of an army as a key factor for victory is still extremely relevant.

An ignorant man, endowed with a natural genius, can do great things; but the same man stuffed with false doctrines studied at school with pedantic systems, will do nothing good unless he forget what he had learned.

Jomini was born in Payerne in the canton of VaudSwitzerlandsummarh 6 Marchwhere [1] his father served as mayor. The artillery, since Gribeauval and d’Urtubie has had its Aide-Memoire, and a mass of particular works, in the number of which are distinguished those of Decker, Paixhans, Dedon, Hoyer, Ravichio and Bouvroy.

Scharnhorst did as much in Hanover; Warnery published in Prussia a pretty good work on the cavalry; Baron Holzendorf another on the tactics of manoeuvres.

And if to those you add the multitude of precepts which suffer more or less exceptions, will you not have more dogmas than necessary for fixing your opinions upon all the operations of war? As a Swiss patriot iomini as a French officer, he declined to take part in the passage of the Rhine at Basel and the subsequent invasion of France. Sherman in the Western Theater of the American Civil Warforced them to move beyond his geometric conventions and find other strategic solutions to the problems that confronted them.


FeuquiPres and Lloyd had indicated the road without having had many imitators until the Revolution.

Jomini and his Summary of the art of war; a condensed version edited, and with an introduction

I could not doubt this truth in reading again, subsequently, the campaigns of Turenne, of Marlborough, of Eugene of Savoy, and in comparing them aft those of Frederick, which Tempelhoff had just published with details so full of interest, although somewhat heavy and by far too much repeated.

And if a committee were assembled under the presidency of the Arch Duke Charles or Wellington, composed of all the strategic and tactical notabilities of the age, together with the most skillful generals of engineers and artillery, this committee could not yet succeed in making a perfect, absolute and immutable theory on all the branches of war, especially on tactics!

Apart from love of his own country, the shmmary to study, to teach and to practise the art of war was his ruling motive. By continuing to visit this site, you agree to the use of cookies for statistical purposes.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In censuring my works, General Bismark has availed himself of his rights, not only in virtue of his claim to reprisals, but because every book is made to be judged and controverted.

Maybe they have a place after the decisive events. Besides that, the author shows himself by far too skeptical in point of military science; his first volume is but a declamation against all theory of war, whilst the two succeeding volumes, full of theoretic maxims, proves that the author believes in the efficacy of his own doctrines, if he does not believe in those of others. Tge political historians, like Ancillon, Segur the elder, Karamsin, Guichardin, Archenholz, Schiller Daru, Michaud and Salvandy have recounted also with talent many operations of war, but they cannot be counted wummary the number of military writers.

Specifically, Jomini stated in his book:.

Book review: The Art of War –

Guibert, in an excellent chapter upon marches, touches upon strategy, but he did not realize what this chapter promised. About the same time appeared a small pamphlet on strategy by Major Wagner, then in the service of Austria; this essay, full of wise views, promised that the author would one day give something more complete, which has wad realized quite recently. Turpin commented on Montecuculi and Vegetius; the Marquis de Silva in Piedmont, Santa Cruz in Spain, had also discussed some parts with success; finally d’Escremeville sketched a history of the art, which was not devoid of merit.


Until his retirement in he was principally employed in the military education of the Tsarevich Nicholas afterwards Emperor and in the organization of the Russian staff collegewhich was established in and bore its original name of the Nicholas Academy up to the October Revolution of Jomini is generally seen as Clausewitz’s sumkary influential competitor as a military theorist.

Convinced that I had seized the true point of view under which it was necessary to regard the theory of war in order to discover its veritable rules, and to quit the always so uncertain field of personal systems, I set myself to the work with all the ardor of a neophyte.

Inhe moved to Pariswhere he worked first at another banking house and then as a stockbroker. In a journal with which, unfortunately, I was not acquainted until six years after its publication, the latter has believed it his duty to attack me and my works, because I had said, on the faith of an illustrious general, that the Prussians had reproached him with having copied, in his last pamphlet, the unpublished instructions of the government to its generals of cavalry.

Jomini, The Art of War

Jomini’s book had an arguably excessive influence on the U. He died at Passy only a year before the Franco-Prussian War of — Career military staff officer; failed to achieve command; served as an advisor to the Russian Czar; wrote to impress and be published Thesis: Jomini was no fool, however.

All those who love history will still find The Art of War pf. Jomini fought with Ney at the Battle of Ulm and in December of that year, he was offered a commission as a colonel in the French Army.