In a music publisher called John Playford published ‘The English Dancing Master’. This was a book of brief instructions for a hundred odd such dances. Illustration from The Dancing Master: Vol. The First The 18th Edition London: Edward Midwinter and John Young, []. Courtesy of the Library of Congress. The English Dancing Master: OR, Plaine and easie Rules for the Dancing of LONDON Printed by Thomas Harper, and are to be sold by John Playford, at his.

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Playford, John The Dancing Master

Therefore for prevention of all which, having an Excellent Copy by me, and the assistance of a knowing Friend; I have ventured to put forth this ensuing Worke to the view, and jon censure of all ingenious Gentlemen lovers of this Quallity ; not doubting but their goodnes will pardon what may be amisse and accept of the honest Intention of him that is a faithfull honourer of your Virtues, and. Later editions ran to three volumes and over the years dances were added and dropped so that over a thousand distinct dances were published.

As for Copying and inclusion in works and the like, I allow anyone to copy any part of this document, electronic or otherwise, as long as it is stated in writing with the copy that it is:.

Indeed we can sometimes be convinced there are misprints so some dance descriptions are clearly wrong. Originally these dances would have been done with a lot of fancy stepping, whereas nowadays we almost always use walking or skipping steps.

The English Dancing Master

They were dances of the educated society. Various other publishers got in on the act and books of country dances were published at frequent intervals through to about None [ force assignment ] First Pub lication. A small portion of the music has been playfors. ADae first appears 11th edition, Some people dance them because they are trying to recreate historical life. I tried to take care to not correct spellings and obvious mistakes, but if you find something right, let me know The Art of Dancing called by the Ancient Greeks Orchesticeand Orchestisis a commendable and rare Quality fit for yong Gentlemen, if opportunely and civilly used.


Country dances ; Dances ; For violin ; Scores featuring the violin ; For 1 player ; For treble instrument ; Scores with open instrumentation ; For 3 recorders arr ; For 3 players ; Scores featuring the joh ; For 3 saxophones arr ; Scores featuring the saxophone ; For 2 masfer arr ; For 2 players ; Scores featuring the guitar ; For guitar arr. Please be honorable and keep with my wishes in this matter.

The real cause of the confusion is that at some stage people switched from counting the year as starting in March the Spring Solstice to starting in January — think about September being the 7th month. These compromise dances proved very popular; after all an educated person going to a ball every week or two may well feel a dance simple enough for someone who only goes to a dance once or twice a year is beneath him.

Playvord scanned by archive. Eric Praetzel has been kind enough to enter the music zipped in midi mastrr he has even provided some scans of music from a reprint editions of playford. External Links Wikipedia article Robert Keller’s compendium.

Retrieved from ” http: Most dancers dance Playford dances because they enjoy them, which is a perfectly good reason. Javascript is required for this feature. It was registered for copyright in Novemberbut the printed date on the book is you had to register your book in advance of publication.

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View at Internet archive. John Playford the Younger If you want to see the what Playford published go to http: A project to enter Playford first edition is mostly finished! Such people should bear in mind the following points: Wikipedia article Robert Keller’s compendium. Naxos Javascript not enabled. Dunstan or Clifford’s Inn is written for violin tuned AEae. Contents dancint Performances 1.

The Dancing Master – Wikipedia

Editor First edition of supplement. The title was probably just a joke because all the best dancing masters were French or, maybe, a dig at a rival French book.

My wishes are that this work be as free as possible and anyone who tries to profit from it, are basically stealing my time and effort. Title The English Dancing Master [1st ed. Some pieces are written for violin with alternate scordatura tuning: These file s are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection. Page maintained by Hugh Stewart. Playford on the Web Robert Keller has scanned in copies of all editions of the Dancing Master and added an index.

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Music will be on the way as soon as have time to get it in. And Platothat Famous Philosopher thought it meet, that yong Ingenious Children be taught to dance. This was a book of brief instructions for a hundred odd such dances.

The English Dancing-Master

Editor 2nd edition of the supplement. Whoever bought the copy of The English Dancing Master now the British Library was an old fuddy-duddy who crossed out the printed and wrote in No service charge may be applied. If reading scanned-in ancient type is not for you see http: It is a quality that has been formerly honoured in the Courts of Princes, when performed by the most Noble Heroes of the Times!

In the early s people were trying to collect evidence of the English Folk tradition before the age of industrialisation and mass communication swept it all away. Yet all this should not have been an Incitement to me for Publication of this Worke knowing these Times and the Nature of it do not agree, But that there was a false and surrepticious Copy at the Printing Presse, which if it had been published, would have been a disparagement to the quality and the Professors thereof, and a hinderance to the Learner: See a Playford family tree.

Dances from the villages are what can be called genuine country dances — dances that can be picked up quickly by someone who only dances once or twice a year who is more interested in socialising than dancing.

The instructions in the Dancing Master were brief notes, so modern interpretations of those notes may well not be what was intended. What are Playford dances? You can also find a complete facsimile of the edition here.