Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin. Add to Wishlist. Hobgoblin. By: John Coyne Scott plunges deeper and deeper into the dreamlike allure of Hobgoblin until more than. Hobgoblin is just a game. Ballycastle is just a house. Scott is just a lonely teenage boy. Until one Hallowe’en, a Hobgoblin kills everyone he loves. Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin by John Coyne. Published July by Berkley Books. pages. So last night I finished my long-overdue reread of.

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And it blew me away.

He thinks his high school is filled with blood-spewing Gorfs and flesh-hungry Groundbats from the darkness of Irish legend. I read this book when I was vaguely a teenager. Hi- Sorry it took me so long to answer. But again he hides this, it’s not like he’s going around school pretending to be him, though he jumps to that as escapism. Newer Post Older Post Home.

And while Columbine was still over 20 years later, the movie Carrie had come out 4 years before this, and yet instead of a solid and believable ending, the book decides to ignore the obvious warning signs of the main character, and just deliver some crap that makes the reader wonder, why were these characters flaws even built.

Hobgoblin by John Coyne. I read the front and back cover blubs.

The character acts like a jerk especially to the people who are nice to himtries to kill himself multiple times, and swears like a year-old on XBox live. Common terms and phrases arms ballroom Ballycastle Barbara Battleboard Bill Russell Billy Blind Black Annis Brennan Brian Boni Brian Boru Bugganes Carmel castle Conor dark Derek desk dice door Dunn eyes face feel felt Fergus Flat Rock floor football Gardiner girls glanced grabbed grinned hair hallway hands Hank heard Hlaniths Hobgoblin kids killed kitchen knew laughed leaned locker looked Lough Neagh Maeve Donnellan mean mother moved never Nick Borgus night Nuckelavees O’Cuileannain Okay paladin picked play players preppie pulled quickly reached realized Russell Scott nodded Scott rolled shit shook his head shoulder shouted shrugged Simpson Sluagh smiled someone joh Speier Spencertown Spriggans Steepletop stood stopped sword talking tell There’s thought told Tracy trees trying turned Valerie asked Valerie’s voice waiting walked Warren watching Water leapers What’s whispered window woods.


There is also a problem of an endless amount of coincidences and unbelievable circumstances. Here is the same idea: What ever you imagined is a hundred and fifty times better than how the book handles it. Some say this book is trying to make Dungeons and Dragons look bad. There’s a 2 page epilogue, a note written from Scott to Valerie, that doesn’t even attempt to explain the million questions everyone at the party yobgoblin have had.

Hobgoblin by John Coyne (1982, Paperback)

Oh, God, Gardiner, no! His character is Brian Boru, a high level fighter who never gets killed.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. There is plenty of plot involving the main character, Scott, and his troubles at his new school.

Hobgoblin (novel) – Wikipedia

During all this, he meets girl named Val who becomes his only friend. So after reading Mazes hobgobblin Monsters, I struggled with this book. Views Read Edit View history. It’s a necessary thread, it ties into the main one quite nicely towards the end. Many times I’ve fantasized, when I was younger, and especially now that I am living Upstate and can see similar locations to the one that inspired Ballycastle, about getting a Hobgoblin movie made. Jan 12, Scott rated it really liked it.

It’s not crap, the characters have a small amount of depth, but the ending is weak, and the story fails.

Jan 03, Vezlandia Day rated it it was amazing. Though this book cast FRP gaming in the worst possible light, the concept that such a thing actually existed amazed and excited me.


If you’re a RPG gamer I highly recommend this book. This novel sounds more interesting, and you’re right, they don’t make covers like that anymore. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paperbackpages. He thinks he sees Hobgoblins at the castle where his mother works. Jul 10, Owen rated it hobgohlin it. Posted by Anthony Giordano at 6: Even worst, Coyne milks the possible hobgovlin elements to the point that there is no real pay-off once we get to the Scooby-Doo ending. You may also like. A Novel by John GrishamHardcover Mar 13, Grady Hendrix rated it it was ok.

Scott and his mother moves to a medieval styled castle, on the banks of the Hudson River no less, where she works as an archivist. It also gave you a break from the main plot line, and it was just as intriguing as the primary story thread.

I have to give this one 4 stars for keeping my interest and drawing me in. This was fun, but by the time you get here, most of the excitement has fizzled out. In a few minutes. A session of the game is never really played except once during cyne first of the book. Hobgoblin as a book is There aren’t even enough dice to get four decimal places’ hundreds, tens, ones, tenths worth of numbers, regardless of how many sides they have! No one, not the protagonist, not his clingy female friend, not his mother, not her lame almost boyfriend.