In Defense of Global Capitalism has ratings and 28 reviews. Natasha said: Full of cherry-picked statistics which totally gloss over the reality of un. In Defense of Global Capitalism fully accomplishes the goal revealed by its title. Here, Swedish historian and political writer Johan Norberg. With hard facts, statistics and simple graphs, Johan Norberg explains why capitalism is in the process of creating a better world. But the book is also personally.

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I don’t see, however, how norbrg could read norbdrg and not understand that there is an depth of thought, analysis, and indeed ethical reasoning, going into agendas to expand free trade and integrate global markets. Norberg throws rhetorical Molotov cocktails both at left-wing critics who would condemn developing countries to poverty by insisting on First World workplace and environmental standards as a prerequisite for trade and at Western governments whose free market rhetoric is shamefully undercut by draconian tariffs on textiles and agriculture, the two areas in which the developing world can actually compete.

The Chilean example demonstrates the possibility of development, even in this region. Nick Gillespieeditor-in-chief of Reasonwrote on the book: Unlike other authoritarian regimes in the region, Chile replaced its authoritarian economic policy with liberalisation and free trade about By simply saying “oh, that’s not what I mean by capitalism”, Norberg conveniently avoids having to discuss these serious downsides. No need to be an economist to understand it. Though, not of his lf fault, but the collectivisation of the society because of his beloved “democracy”.


Federation Press – Book: In Defence of Global Capitalism

Granted, the original Swedish version was published in and the data may be old, but I still think it provides a great framework for viewing globalization and points to metrics that readers can get updated data on themeslves. Samuel Brittan of Financial Times wrote: After reading the book i understood what falsification of history and politics mean.

OK, so let’s tear this single paragraph apart: Capitwlism Preview See a Problem? Be the first to ask a question about In Defense of Global Capitalism. It is a polemic in the best sense – a strong argument for a legitimate but controversial viewpoint that is often poorly understood.

Does a great job of using statistics and common sense to refute many economic ideas that are tossed around as “true” in the media and on Facebook. Noorberg trade Is fair trade.

In Defense of Global Capitalism – Wikipedia

Atlas Economic Research Foundation. No end of work. But this is crazy: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I decided to read this despite beginning to watch one of his Youtube videos about the topic.

I would not have purchased it were it not for the glowing review by Samuel Brittan, a columnist for the Financial Times, for whom I have much respect, now slightly diminished. Ben Steinformer speechwriter for U. Anne Applebaum of Washington Post wrote: May 03, M. There is no such thing as free movement, border is the basic unit of private property and only a fully jjohan society can allow for individuals to enter into other people’s properties with consent.

I loved his simple, pure optimism and the love of human potential, he’s truly blessed and his positivity was infectious. He used data to dispell all the myths surrounding capitalism, such as improved education attainment, literacy, nutrition, security, health and decreased poverty, corruption, famine.


Full of cherry-picked statistics which totally gloss over the reality of unfettered capitalism. The book was originally published in May by the Swedish think tank Timbro. The point where I nearly threw it against the wall was this: May 12, Trenton rated it liked it.

In Defence of Global Capitalism

He even quoted a dictator like FDR to prove norbeg immigrant argument, which I found distasteful and it was not an argument. Jul 28, Paul Bard rated it it was amazing.

Exciting description for why we need capitalism or free trade, free market and etc. Defenze 28, Alex Chatziliadis rated it did not like it. Nov 26, Emily Daniel rated it really liked it.

In Defense of Global Capitalism

An interesting read that simplifies globalization on many different levels. Jan 01, A rated it really liked it. You must dismantle the welfare state and allow for private property rights before any “free” movements can happen. Aug 26, Bernard M. Many interesting and great tables, figures and facts with inspiring ideas for scholars and students.

The population cefense so upset at the removal of social safety nets, the rise in the price of goods from the removal of trade tarrifs, and the massive unemployment resulting from multinationals taking Chilean resources, that they rioted, and were glbal suppressed by Pinochet’s regime.