Jihad vs. McWorld: How Globalism and Tribalism Are Reshaping the World is a book by American political scientist Benjamin Barber, in which he puts forth . Nicholas Lezard’s choice: Benjamin R Barber’s Jihad vs McWorld, first published in , is chillingly topical. Benjamin R. Barber, a political theorist whose book, “Jihad vs. McWorld,” presciently analyzed the socioeconomic forces leading to the.

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However, on the whole this book was great. But today’s multinational corporations are no longer restrained by democratic forces in many parts of the third world. bsrber

The author did a great job explaining both worlds and how in many ways they cause each other and how they effect society and democracy. McWorld is the term that distinguished writer and political scientist Benjamin R. The idea of McWorld really does not scare me that much.

Please try again later. It was very readable and the bs always made you think. That scares me much more than seeing a Kenny Rogers Roasters in Beijing. That’s because the wholesale acceptance of our culture is perceived by many of the world’s poor as a threat to their jihaf lifestyles.

Parallel Histories of Israel-Palestine. Those I’ve noticed are minor.

As he says, ” Read it Forward Read it first. Barber points out that unless we more equitably share the benefits of capitalism with so-called emerging market countries, the instabilities that are created will eventually undermine our own success too.

McWorld Cover to the paperback edition. English Choose a language for shopping. He may remind you at times of Daniel Bell, whose Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism more or less blamed Playboy for the unravelling of the work ethic, but like Bell he’s no fool.


In America, for example, armed militias and groups such as Aryan Nations are attempts to overthrow the moral corruption of modern capitalism. With the emergence of our markets, we have come up with international laws and treaties in order to maintain stability and efficiency in the interconnected economy. Kurds, Basques, Puerto Ricans, Ossetians, East Timoreans, Quebecois, the Catholics of Northern Ireland, Catalans, Tamils, and of course, Palestinians- people with countries, inhabiting nations not their own, seeking smaller worlds within borders that will seal them off from modernity.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Barber sees Jihad as offering solidarity and protecting identities, but at the potential cost of tolerance and stability. Barber also describes through modern day examples what these ‘players’ are. Jihad as used here is not, of course, merely the Islamic holy war, though it certainly includes this. All these, and the absolute mcwotld of money over everything, even over utilities that used to be seen as the state’s responsibility, conspire to make “democracy” an jihaf meaningless concept these days.

Barber’s work for its bold vision and moral courage. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. The multinational corporations jihax are colonizing the world have little regard for traditional cultures and native environments.

Review: Jihad vs McWorld by Benjamin R Barber | Books | The Guardian

Among his targets were half-naked women, liquor, theatres, dance halls, newspapers, novels, “whims, silly games” and “vices”.

A work of persuasive originality and penetrating insight, Jihad vs. This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat These tribal forces come in many varieties: Barber believes that if people were truly empowered as citizens they could reshape their communities to better serve their own needs.


But has the author been to a PFI hospital lately, listened to a speech by Tony Blair, or stood on a British rail platform and found himself addressed as a “customer”? For those searching for a soul – not a soul bestowed by God or the God that consumerism has become, find a voice in Benjamin Barber that very often materializes the nagging thoughts in your head and the tugging emotions you struggle to describe.

I told you so

On the other hand, ethnic, religious, and racial hatreds are fragmenting the political landscape into smaller and smaller vx units. As Barber tells us, if either Jihad or McWorld is allowed to triumph, the world of the future will not be very free, sane or pleasant. Cover to the paperback edition.

Resources are also an imperative aspect in the McWorld, where autarky seems insufficient and inefficient in presence of globalization.

Barber’s prognosis in Jihad vs McWorld is generally negative—he concludes that neither global corporations nor traditional cultures are supportive of democracy. Such a world should more equitably balance the needs of people with capitalism. Recent events have not exactly conspired to overturn its thesis, although one might for the moment feel like reversing the word order, given who has been most visibly on the offensive mcworlf.

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The problem with Jihad is that, instead of offering a constructive criticism of McWorld, it retreats into a violent reactionary mode and blindly condemns everything modern. A thorough, engaging look jihda the current state of world affairs.