the total population number in the studied period (Holzer ). .. Holzer, Jerzy Zdzisław. . Przemiany struktur demograficznych w Toruniu w XIX. Ludność Świata Urodzenia, Zgony i przyrost naturalny. Prognoza do roku. Urodzenia i Zgony w Zgony Urodzenia Ludność świata. One of the historians, Jerzy Pilikowski, asking the question about the reasons of .. Jerzy Zdzislaw Holzer, , Demografia, (Demography) PWE, Warszawa.

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Tartaglia versus Cardan Article by: The same passion that drove people to calculate to more and more decimal places of never seemed to take hold in quite the same way for e.

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Berkeley and Los Angeles,University of California: Because of its semografia the proof has been reproduced more than once [‘,’A E L Davis: Regiomontanus studies Vienna, Fair book The first is done in the same way as the above working, the second has been left unsolved with the values entered by the log tables not looked up, e.

C C Heyde and E Seneta, The simple branching process, a turning point test and a fundamental inequality: E Ormerod Canberra The Wielandt subgroup of a metacyclic p-group.

Gospodarka Narodowa

J L Coolidge, The number e, Amer. E C Thompson, Review: Alcuin’s book However, they were unsuccessful because they could only sell the pigs for what they had paid i. Mathematics and Art Article by: