A total departure from previous writing about television, this book is the first ever to advocate that the medium is not reformable. Its problems are inhere. Four Arguments for Eliminating Television. By Jerry Mander – Former Advertising Executive1. Synopsis and Comments by William H. Gross – Colorado Springs. This article presents a summary of the book titled “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television,” by Jerry Mander. Mr. Mander holds BS and MS degrees in.

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Thus, the first effect is eliination create a passive mental attitude. Mindfulness in the Kabat-Zinn sense is always good, so I laud Mander for inspiring that.

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander

eoimination Guns do kill people. He speaks like them, moves as they do, imitates their facial expressions. I let this book collect dust for a few years, knowing that when I actually picked it up, the arguments would most likely be thought provoking, logical, and convincing enough to catalyze a major life change: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

If there were more programs about this or more programs about that, then we’d have “good television”. They give power to a very small number of people to speak into the brains of everyone else in the system night after night after night with images that make people turn out in a certain kind of way.


Lists with This Book. I’m not good television, neither is this book. TV is not the world. Maka ia mempunyai nilai yang besar, bagi mereka yang berurus niaga berjuta-juta malahan berbilion menggunakan medium ini. All we get to do is pay for them, use them, and then live within their effects. Money-Saving Tips in Every Issue! Published March 1st by William Morrow Paperbacks first published And though it will say many obvious things, it’s worth reading for the well organized thought it contains.

This book changed my life.

Most tne us are conditioned to give little importance to this change in human experience of the world, if we notice it at all. The danger in wanting to throw in the towel and leave forever is that the effect would be the same as those people who drop out of society completely and hope their absence causes some change kind of like when Kim Kardashian stopped using Twitter to raise money for a charity, and no one cared at all.

But when he tries to morph those misgivings into a proposal of total elimination, he is often maddeningly aimless and weak.

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

Zealotry over preference is distasteful especially when wielded as fact in this overblown fashion, but at times in the book one may found oneself going, “Oh, that may be part of why reading feels better for me. The point about it is that it objectifies the experience of watching and actually allowed me to go ahead and love TV. As one could deduce from this awkward sunshine fetish, Mander also has a romantic, unfounded nostalgia in a time when Man had communion with Nature: Retrieved from ” https: As more diverse people occupy the central control systems, the systems do not become more diverse.


If alternatives to the life-style of the systems exist, they are not represented. Meanwhile, those who control television consolidate their power.

Individual knowledge and the collective knowledge of communities of friends and peers would again flower as monolithic, institutional, surrogate knowledge declined. It was striking to see just how much human culture has shifted over the last few generations from one of openness and connectivity to the natural world to one where a daily relevision with nature is made nearly impossible, and where most of our experiences are constructed and architected.

There was still only one dead white guest but there were eight dead police, killed by the band. In other words, manddr Mander is giving voice to one’s misgivingshe can be quite good. See how mesmerized we are by television?

By being coy and silly, and mocking itself, it poses as an ally to our uncertainty—our doubts about television in general.

It would all be about research. There was no clearer example of how TV could distort reality.