Jean Toomer’s Cane,1 from which “Blood-Burning Moon” is taken, is a collect of short stories interspersed with poems, which makes up a whole. It is divid. Cane study guide contains a biography of Jean Toomer, literature essays, quiz questions, Cane Summary and Analysis of “Esther” to “Blood-Burning Moon”. An introduction to Blood-Burning Moon by Jean Toomer. Learn about the book and the historical context in which it was written.

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He also becomes both embarrassed and indignant when he thinks about the possibility of trying to explain the relationship to his Northern friends. As she sang softly at the evil face of the full moon.

But they had to drag him.

Blood-Burning Moon | Introduction & Overview

She likes being desired by both men, so she does not actively choose one or the other. In this way, Toomer clearly implicates white goomer and its threatened dissolution by an increasingly vital community of African Americans as the reason for the violence in the South.

Louisa and Tom, the whole street, singing: When Bob Stone challenges him, Tom easily kills the other man. Tom Burwell, a young and powerfully built black man, is also in love with her. No nigger had ever been with his girl. The moving body of their silence preceded them over the crest of the hill into factory town. Bob Stone, the youngest son of a white planter, has an affair with Louisa, a black woman who works for his family as a servant. Toomer spent the summer of at the Gurdjieff Institute in Fontainebleau, France.


For example, the association of the full moon with women, as well as other aspects of African-American culture, is another worthy topic of consideration. He turned, and staggered towards the crest of the hill in the direction of white town. He too has suffered. Jsan, there was no unusual significance to either one. The book is divided into three parts: Copyrights Blood-Burning Moon from Gale.

Blood-Burning Moon by Jean Toomer by D K on Prezi

Although he continued to write during these years, most of his writing concerned his religious goomer, and little of it was published. Blood-Burning Moon from Gale. After World War Ithere had been a large migration of rural Southern African Americans to large Northern cities in search of employment. A visionary mix of stories, song, drama, and poetry.

While living in New York City in and he was active in the Greenwich Village literary circle, making the acquaintance of writers such as Edwin Arlington Robinson and Waldo Frank. His life underwent a profound change during the fall ofwhen he ran a small school in Sparta, Georgia. Stone nostalgically tlomer the days of slavery, when a white master could have any black woman he chose. The thought first made him laugh. His thoughts of her are continually qualified by her blackness, although he is unable to define the difference that her blackness makes: Bob couldnt see it.

To meet Bob in the canebrake, as she was going to do an hour or so later, was nothing new. This suggests a Christ-like sacrifice with the possibility of resurrection.


Leastawise not with yo. Like the form in which Toomer chose to express himself, his women characters are no less rare and sensual. But it is his death that stands out finally, not his life, and so the blood-burning madness of the lynching is given to the title, not the name boood the man.

“Blood-Burning Moon” by Jean Toomer

For the most part, they take place at dusk and outdoors, often in the cane fields. He has lost his power to either control or seduce her; and, furthermore, he has been replaced by Tom. The third and final section of the story opens with Bob Stone leaving his home to meet Louisa.

Something to be afraid of, more? Steam came from the copperboiling pan. The mob was silent. Each is strange, yet real; each bloov a protective mask of indifference; each is as capable of love as well as lust; and each is guilty of or victimized by betrayal—of herself or of a man.

The ambivalence of attraction and fear manifest in her singing corresponds intimately to the underlying durability and terror that conditions the collective black tomoer in that story.