Seidways Shaking, Swaying & Serpent Mysteries Jan Fries Format: Softcover ISBN: £/US$ Subjects: Northern. Seidways by Jan Fries, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. From the author of Helrunar: manual of rune magick, and Visual Magick, a handbook of freestyle shamanism, comes the definitive study of.

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If they would call everything they do not understand ‘sacred’, there would be no end to sacredness.

Seidways : Jan Fries :

Our most noted would be the practitioners of Voodoo. Here, Zara took the appropriate measures. How about drugs then? I do not ask you to believe, instead, I would like to challenge you to do your own research, come to your own insights, and to construct your own working hypothesis as you go along. A healer in Kia awareness can see and pull the death-things out. To some healers fear, and specifically fear of death, is a constant companion on the way to Kia-awareness. In San belief, teachers can ‘own’ and ‘give’ Num to other persons, which is generally done by shooting Num-energy darts into them.

He wrote I, 60 that according to the teachings of the physicians black gall invites evil friess to enter and obsess a patient.

Screams can be used to release extreme excitement, for instance, or to mark an important gesture or event, such as a banishing, a libation seiwdays the earthing at the end of the rite. Also, bya lot of pressure had come to bear on the magnetic movement.

In some rooms, musicians played soothing tunes, basically on wind instruments, the pianoforte, the glass- harp and the glass-harmonica.

Brief as the description is, it is still the only Druid ritual described in any detail by the classical authors, which goes to showjusthow little is known of Druidic ritual and custom. In some Zar rites a ram is consecrated and led around the circle of worshippers. The Zar spirits are a varied lot. Seiddways should be wearing comfortable clothing for moving around.


Today, the few remaining groups have been driven into the most inhospitable wastelands of the desert. Such medicine poses the question if epilepsy is not preferable to the therapy. Young dancers sometimes practise leaps and elaborate steps, basically to have fun and show off.

I could see with my physical eyes, not astrally! Each Zar spirit has one or more favourite chants and responds to them by entering and obsessing one of the assembly. They had convulsions and cramps, they wept, screamed, howled and laughed.

These suggestions were pretty direct and rather crude, when compared to the artistic achievements of Milton H. I felt very uneasy about it at first, but when I learned that there are cultures which actually invite it as a sign of spiritual grace or total obsessionI felt compelled to allow it once more.

Then it asked for a place on paper, and here we go. Maybe it is this subtle drama that lends so much humour to the ritual. This gives my magical work a potency that it simply didn’t have before. I soon got the impression hat shaking was seivways, and seidwayys to struggle against it.

My body felt warm and sensual, and seething in the hips felt quite sexual. Though there seem to be some magical groups that equate sound volume with friee and measure magical efficiency in decibels, I do not believe that one has to shout all of jjan time to be heard by the spirits. One of them is the ‘drum dance’, involving one drummer usually an old man and most of the women of the community.

While Frise will not go into the story here I will say that using a poem of taliesyn using the words Iam could help one enter into a trance state. When I was first hypnotised I remember coming out of the trance with a great sense of disappointment.

Full text of ” Jan Fries Seidways”

This is the best book on practical magick that I have seen for some time… an extremely useful body of techniques which any practically-minded magician will be able to use. The fierce moods of the spirits may upset the novice, may even bring the candidate to harm, so that the older healers are required to soothe the spirits, and the novice, when things get out of hand.


Patients know what they can expect from their healers, and a wise healer has to live up to this belief. Many shamans were dreaded by their communities.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It was a really moving experience in a site that – until then – had not been particularly ‘special’ to me Seething is probably the most useful magical technique I have ever learned. Generally, the Rama regulate the affairs between the visible and invisible worlds.

Then she prayed, and asked the spirit-sultan to appear, and to speak with her through the mouth of the princess.

Seidways : Shaking, Swaying & Serpent Mysteries

There is a ‘serpent stone’ in Scotland where allegedly nineteen serpents with one white serpent among them were slain during a great battle between the shepherds Christians? A common belief of his age claimed that the disease was influenced by the moon, the idea being that epilepsy comes from the brain, which, as a ‘cold organ’ is ruled by the moon, and blood, animal or human and preferably fresh, was drunk as a remedy. While seeming to sleep, the lad could walk around, respond to questions and perform simple tasks.

When the first European scholars studied the shamanic seances of Siberia, they were swift to call them a mixture of quack-doctoring and plain insanity. Apart from children, all ages in San society participate in Kia-healing.