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IPC J-STDE, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies released, updated for all three classes of construction. Requirements for. Soldered Electrical and Electronic. Assemblies. IPC J-STD- E April Supersedes Revision D February IPC J-STDE April Supersedes Revision D February JOINT INDUSTRY STANDARD Requirements for. Soldered Electrical and Electronic.

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AFigure Terminal Mounting – Electrical 1. Solder should not extend under the body of mount components whose leads are made of Al10y 42 or similar melals Note 5: Clearance shall [AIP] be k-std wire diameters incl uding insulation or 1. Delamination is an internal condi tion which may propagate n-std thermal stress and may be a catalyst for CAF growth.

Notes 2 ,3 an d Figu re Circu mferential wetting of lead and barrel on sol der desti nation side Percentage of original land area covered with wetted solder on sold er destination side.

Resistance between the tip of soldering systems and the 001w common point ground should not exceed 5 ohms Heated element and tips are measured when at their normal operating temperature Note: The orientation of the clinch relative to any conductor is optional. Control of hand soldering shall [NIN2D3] include operator trainingprocess controlsand managemen t. Standards allow manufacturerscustomersand suppliers to understand ane another better.

A c urvature shall [DID2D3] be incl uded in the unwrapped wire portion of the jumper to provide re lief of L e nsion from envi ro nmental loading. Under-fill or staking material Note1: The end of the part is defined to include any coatingsolder sealsolder or weld beador any other extension. Dynamic Extraction Methods should be performed in compliance with Test Method 2.


Does not violale minimum electrical clearance Note 2: Foster Defense Acquisition Inc. Wires wi ll be used in threaded fasteners c.

Marks or scratchese. Components shall not [] he charred Note: It is not possible 10 in cJ ude all of those who assisted in the evolution of this standard.

IPC J-STDE_图文_百度文库

N-std shall [D1D2D3] be visible in the inspection hole if present. When usedmasking material shaIl [] have no deleterious effect on the printed boards and shall [] be removable without contaminant residue Measurement is made from the end of the part.

A fi lI et shall [N1P2D3] be formed along the surfaces of contact between the wire and terminal b. The user has the responsibility to determine the most current revision level of IPC and specify the specific application to their product.

End joint wldth 7. Wires overlap fo r at leasl 3 conductor diameters and 3re approximately parallel b. C is measured from the narrowest point of Ihe solder fil! Solder paste shall [] also meet the requirements of 3.

Designs wilh openunfilled via in land may prec1 ude meeling these criteria. The PTH is connected to thermal or conductor layers that act as thermal heat sinks b. Lead protrusion shall [ be in accordance j-sfd Table for supported ho les or Table for unsupported holes Connector leadsrelay leadstempered leads and leads greater than 1.

See Note 4, Table 7. End joint widlh 2.

If any printed circuit assembly failsthe entire lot shall [D ] be evaluated and recleaned if necessary and a random sample of this lot and h-std lot c1 eaned since performing the last acceptable cIeanliness test shall [] be tested The frequency of testing shall [N1P2D3] be a minimum of once each production shift unless the process control system data supports a change in frequency 8. T he j-stdd shall oot [AIP] extend above the top of the terminal po st.


S wrapped more Ihan and remains in conlacl w? Not all process indicators specified by this standard are noted.

J-STDE: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies

Does not violate minimum electrical clearance Note 2: Such mechanical securing should prevent movement between the parts of the connection during the solderi ng operatio n. Fails to comply with wetting criteria of 4. Side jolnt length and end overlap 3.

Apri l 7. Not bridge between the substrale and the bottom of radial leaded components. If usedco ntrolled accelerated or slo wed ramp cooling shall [NI] be in accordance with documented procedures. Tip transient voltages generated by the soldering equipment should not exceed 2V peak Note: All leads shall [] have stress relief when the component is clipped or adhesive mounted or otherwise constrained.

For assemblies with mixed land widthsthe grealer magnification may be used for the entire assembly.

J-STD-001E: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies

The solder prefonn ring is centered over the splice fo llowing criteria shall c. T his requirement does oot apply to components that are designed such that a portion of the lead is intended to be removed after 001ee e.

Sleeving covers wi re insulation 00 both ends of the spliced area by a minimum of I wire di ameter f. Not negate stress relief The capability to preheat printed wiring assemblies b. Insul ation shall not [DID2D3] have c uts, breaks, cracksor splits b.