IWST-TR from iWatt, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. IW Datasheet, IW PDF, Low Power Off Line Digital PWM Controller. IW datasheet,Page:6, iW Low-Power Off-line Digital PWM Controller Pin Detail Pin 1 – VSENSE Sense signal input from auxiliary winding.

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The output voltage can be high enough to damage the output capacitor when the feedback loop is broken.

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If the output voltage. If the output voltage rises above the minimum threshold before soft-start is completed, the device assumes that the output load is very light and immediately changes to PFM operation. If the system tries to go into CCM mode, the iW will send ns minimum on-time with a ns delay. The iW has a built-in protection circuit which detects if the combination of the on-time and reset time exceed 25ms the total period of the typical 40kHz operating frequency.

This provides the secondary voltage feedback used for output regulation. P r There are two conditions for output short-circuit detection: The energy E g t is stored in the magnetizing inductance L M. When Q1 turns off, D1 conducts and the stored energy E g t is delivered to the output. The rectifying diode D1 is reverse biased and the load current I O is supplied by the secondary capacitor C O.


The output voltage can be high enough to damage the.

IW1688 Datasheet PDF

The iW uses the primary feedback ddatasheet with no secondary feedback loop. The loop stability is guaranteed by design to provide at least 45 degrees of phase margin and —20dB of gain margin. The iW includes functions that protect against input. V IN is used for line regulation. Home – IC Supply – Link.

As the output load. Pin 4 — V CC Power supply for the controller during normal operation. This pin also provides the supply.

Pin 2 — GND Analog signal and power ground. The controller will shut off with 6 consecutive pulses after start-up. Sense signal input from auxiliary winding. Pin 5 i1w688 V IN Sense signal input representing the average line voltage.

The iW has a built-in protection circuit which detects if. The current in Q 1 ramps up linearly at a rate of: Once the V IN pin voltage has reached its turn-on threshold, the iW starts switching, but limits the on-time to a percentage of the maximum on- time. satasheet


IW Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

However, the IC will remain biased which will discharge the. A short circuit condition is interpreted as any time the output. Thereafter, the on-time will be modulated by the line voltage and the off-time is modulated by the load current.

The controller will continue to attempt to soft-start until the error condition is removed. The voltage across L M is v g tassuming the voltage datwsheet across Q 1 is zero. If the voltage at these pins exceed their undervoltage or overvoltage thresholds for more than cycles, the iW will stop switching.

IW Datasheet PDF – iWatt

The input line voltage is scaled using a resistor network. The nominal switching frequency is 40 kHz. The soft-start time is set at 5 ms.

I1w688 iW has been designed to work in constant-current.