Following on from my introduction to iTextSharp, the free PDF utility that lets you work with PDF files within , this article looks at. iTextSharp is open source PDF solution. In most of the examples below, I tried to alter,copy a template PDF and then save it into a brand new. AffineTransform · clone(). void, concatenate(AffineTransform t). AffineTransform · createInverse(). void, deltaTransform(double[] src, int srcOff, double[] dst.

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Throw away your PdfCopy code, and replace it with PdfStamper code. You might also like I use iText via ColdFusion.

This method will work directly with all fonts itextshsrp by iTextSharp, which includes all fonts found in the Windows default font directory.

iTextSharp – Working with Fonts

Hey, this Bruno-guy closed my question as a duplicate of a totally different question! February 11, at 2: CreateFont is a lot more limited, and only sets up the definition of a font.

You may have a situation where you cannot install a font you want to use in the default font directory on the web server, so you have to register it explicitly with iTextSharp.

If you haven’t read the first article in this seriesI recommend that you do so now. How do i append a page from one pdf to the end of an existing PDF Document.


BrunoLowagie Hi thanks for the selectPages method.

iText – How to deep copy a PdfPTable?

No, that works for me. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Email Required, but never shown. There are three principal ways to set the font to work with: I’ve said this before cclone some users have some deathwish and go ahead nevertheless. Se esta mensagem for recebida por engano, por favor envie-a de volta para o remetente e apague-a do seu sistema de imediato. Hey, Awesome iTextSharp samples here. The default font is Helvetica, 12pt, black in the style typically known as Itextshapr. ToShortDateString0, 0, 0 ; stamper.

For that reason, you are most likely going to use the FontFactory. Is the same as table but should not be: SetColor50. This method has 14 count ’em!

How to deep copy a PdfPTable?

GetFont “Arial”28, Color. A new Font object is created using the BaseFont object, and further setting the font size in points, the style and the colour – again, using iTextSharp’s constants for these values.

Paulo Soares-3 wrote PdfPTable is not made to change cell content. Add new Paragraph DateTime.

Itextsuarp prevents the need, for user to modify the pdf form fields. SetField “name””John Doe” ; fields. Post as a guest Name.

This site uses cookies. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here What am I doing wrong? It may contain confidential or legally protected information. You are commenting using your WordPress. The examples in iTextSharp site are in java. For some reason, the selectPages approach I suggested no longer works with recent versions of iText 5 it worked with the older onesso I looked at your original code, and I adapted it like this:.


Add new Paragraph “All Fonts: December 20, at 8: However, I havent tried to do that bit yet. October 18, at 7: I’m happy with this Learn more. If this message is received by mistake, please send it back to the sender and delete it from your system immediately. This message is destined exclusively to the intended receiver. GetFont “Arial”7. You will discover that the selectPages method can also be used to repeat pages.

GetImportedPage reader, i ; d1.

java – iText – How to Clone a page of the document? – Stack Overflow

CreateFont out of the way first. My idea that nearly works is to create a PdfPTable in ColdFusion for the the header and one for the footer, then pass it to the PageHelper and have the onEndPage method replace the embedded pageno with the actual page number of the page.

Any idea as to why?

At first sight, you might think: Which version of iText are you using? GetFont “nina fett” .