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ISO/IEC is an information security standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and by the International Electrotechnical. I talked, earlier this week, about the evident gap between the concern expressed (in the ISBS survey) by the majority of managers about. BS Part 1 BS Part 2 Code of Practice Security Management ISO ISO Series ISO ISO BS Risk.

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Cover all the aspects of information security that need to be covered through other ISO27k standards, or indeed other standards outside the remit of SC In practice, this flexibility gives users a lot of latitude to adopt the information security controls that make sense to them, but makes it unsuitable for the relatively straightforward compliance testing implicit in most formal certification 179999.

Management should define a set of policies to clarify their direction of, and support for, information security. Please support our sponsors This implies the need for a set of SC iwo projects and editors to work on the separate parts, plus an overall coordination team responsible for ensuring continuity and consistency across them all.

ISO determines requirements for organizations of any type, regardless of its size, area of activity and geographical location. The list of example controls is incomplete and not universally applicable. Information security aspects of business continuity management Take for example the fact that revising the standard has consumed thousands of man-hours of work and created enormous grief for all concerned, over several years, during which time the world around us has moved on.


Unattended equipment must 71999 secured and there should be a clear desk and clear screen policy.

ISO/IEC code of practice

A simple monodigit typo resulting in a reference from section See the status update below, or technical corrigendum 2 for the official correction. Annex to Declaration-Request for multi-sites organizations.

Two approaches are currently being considered in parallel:. The standard is explicitly concerned with information security, meaning the security of all forms of information e. Structure of this standard 179999 control clauses Of the 21 sections or chapters of the standard, 14 specify control objectives and controls. There should be a policy on the use of encryption, plus cryptographic authentication and integrity controls such as digital signatures iao message authentication codes, and cryptographic key management.

Users should be made aware of their responsibilities towards maintaining effective access controls e. Software packages should ideally not be modified, and secure system engineering principles should be followed.

Views Read Edit View history. Of the 21 sections or chapters of the standard, 14 specify control objectives and controls. IT facilities should have sufficient redundancy to satisfy availability requirements.

System security should be tested and acceptance criteria defined to include security aspects. Such an approach could potentially reduce the number of controls by about half.

News Courses and Seminars Indeed I provided a completely re-written section to the committee but, for various unsatisfactory reasons, we have ended up with a compromise that makes a mockery of the entire subject. Unanimous agreement on a simple fix!


ISO/IEC – Wikipedia

Isi to IT facilities and systems should be controlled. The development environment should be secured, and outsourced development should be controlled. A given control may have several applications e.

As I see it, there are several options: It bears more than a passing resemblance to a racing horse designed by a committee i.

Retrieved from ” https: A set of appendices will be provided, selecting controls using various tags. Appropriate backups should be taken and retained in accordance with a backup policy.

ISO/IEC 27002

The standard is currently being revised to reflect changes in information security since the current edition was drafted – things such as 179999, cloud computing, virtualization, crypto-ransomware, kso networking, pocket ICT and IoT, for instance.

In the process of further revisions the first part was published as BS Equipment and information should not be taken off-site unless authorized, and must be adequately protected both on and off-site. Furthermore, the wording throughout the standard clearly states or implies that this is not a totally comprehensive set.

Changes to systems both applications and operating systems should be controlled.