Iron Crotch. Rarest Qigong on Earth! Iron Crotch is the most talked about ancient Chinese practice! Called Jiu Jiu Shen Gong (99 Power Qi Gong. This ancient. Yang says what improved his health was “iron crotch” qigong, which he studied after meeting the practice’s founder, Tu Jin-sheng. Iron Penis (i.e. Iron Crotch) is an extreme form of kung fu training. Only the baddest-assed motherfuckers can endure the demands of Iron Penis Qigong. Master.

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I was disappointed that no one at that time knows exactly clearly how the exercise was done. Secondly and more interestingly, this kungfu focuses on the reproductive organs, the very base of human life, so it is immensely powerful.

In general, many plexuses are located along the midline of your body and they are qigony to the testicles directly or indirectly. Again, we discover that dedicated masters can achieve the unbelievable through the discipline, commitment and practice, reaffirming the limitless nature of our venerated art of kungfu.

Despite the suggestiveness of penis qigong, herein lies some powerful and inspirational kungfu.

This is really great for sex! Qian Lie Xie — beginning stage of enlarged prostate 2. Knee rotations Stand with the feet close together, bend the knees, bend and place the palms on the knees.

Sit with your legs spread. Even a few days training with a legit teacher would be good. I have descriptions of it in an accompanying article at: In that post, we mentioned that one of the things that you can do to protect your testicles apart from familiarizing yourself with the risk factors for groin attacks, is to do the iron crotch exercises, qigomg will be discussed in more detail ieon.

Potentially it relates to relaxation and thus lowering of cortisol, but this is merely speculative. After the weight is lifted, it is important to swing the weight like a pendulum while concentrating on the qi at the lower dantian.

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This site uses cookies. The penis Qigong can increase the local blood qiging and promote the endocrine function of the testicles. I have been doing the weights from the crotch for a number of years and my advice is keep the weight low for the first year, 2 kilos.

Iron penis

Natural remedies are always the best way to cure any sicknesses. Master’s Tu’s most incredible claim is that the highest masters of penis qigong can use it to pull cars, break ice blocks and even cut coconuts. He claims it can prevent old age and diseases, increase energy and vitality, make muscles and bones stronger, reduce arterial blockage, cholesterol levels, diabetes, allergies and ear problems.

Switch hands to do the same to the other testicle. In all of the exercises below, take the recommended position, calm the mind, place the tongue on the upper palate and breathe evenly. Well, I would first delete all the past experiences warrior around being traumatized and traumatizing others. Penis qigong uses a variety of special exercises, including massage, slapping, pulling and hitting it with a tool.

Rubbing Spleen 6 Widen your stance and bend over with the thumbs on your tibia bone just above the inner ankles. Upon release, testicles will spontaneously descend again within a relatively short period of time.

The iron crotch exercise (铁裆功) | braineggs

Master Chan is 53 years old. In addition to the function of advancing sex, this Iron Penis Crotch also helps strengthen and keep the male hormone —which thus also contributes to protein synthesis, supply energy, resist fatigue, prevent con-senescence, tone up physical force, strengthen immunity, and beautify skin. There are other practices for vitality with much less risk involved. Keep in mind the spiritual aspect also.

Chan Tze-Tan, Master of Iron Crotch Qigong

So, according to the Daoists, if a man can control his ejaculation and if the testicles are strong, then the man’s body is also strong. After the weight is lifted, it is important to swing the weight like a pendulum while concentrating on the qi at the lower dantian. Repeat on the other side.


Rub, twist and massage testicles right and left 50 times.

Afterwards, he would reverse the procedure by untying the weights, repeat the massage and sit in meditation for half an hour, to send the concentrated jing qi upward, before finishing the practice. Lie on your back. Continue running the energy for several minutes. Increasing testosterone levels the natural way braineggs Pingback: The first part deals with qigong, meditation and massage to strengthen the kidney and the back.

This is really great for sex! Physically speaking, Iron Crotch can make one’s private part become hit-resistive and capable of loading heavy stuff. Master Tu believes his Jiu Yang Shen Gong is an important method for personal well being in today’s toxic world.

Chan Tze-Tan, Master of Iron Crotch Qigong

Yang You-sin says “99 Power Qigong,” or “iron crotch” qigong, was the only solution he could find to relieve his chronic pain. I held my breath and went up to the woman standing behind the counter and asked “who is this man and where can I find him? Surprisingly, women can actually practice Jiu Yang Shen Gong too. How to train iron crotch So how do you make those avocados more resilient?

I already practice it. In two weeks, you will not feel thirsty as easily. He would then mentally concentrate his qi at the lower part of his body, especially around the genital region, before lifting. He lifted crtoch lbs. Additionally, of course, it can greatly enhance drotch performance.