This is a Project report conducted by me at IREL, OSCOM. I didi this Organizational Study as my internship project for the partial fulfillment of MBA .. At Chavara Kerala Manavalakurchi Tamil Naidu and Chatrapur Orissa. Organisation Study on IREL Chavara 1 DC School of Management and Technology | Trivandrum Summer Internship Program On Organization. Out sourcing of Internal Auditors for IREL Chavara Unit Kerala for the Financial Year of Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) and Employees As a result of study and evaluation of internal control and other.

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Taking corrective measures to rectify audit objections. An Empirical Study of Exposure at Default. It is now really meters above what we had seen years ago. In IRE raw sand is collected through mining process. Forecasting the requirements of the production in order to achieve the production target. Production at MK and refurbishing of Chavara Plant commence.

Also some participative forum is present they are plants committee safety committee and House building committee. These pegmatites were assessed and evaluated for their economic exploitability and considerable tonnage wasproved with significant ROM grade.

Study on the impact of future options for the Milk Quota system and the common market organisation for milk and milk products.

This study clears all doubts and gives a practical exposer to the theory that I learn. Transferred from the units of IRE All except Zirflour Microzir and Sillimanite powder are dispatched against permits obtained after payment of prescribed royalty by IRE in advance to the department if mining and geology government of Orissa. As a part of the academic curriculum each student has to undertake an organisational study to get practical exposure.

In the early years these elements were considered as rare elements and so they are called as rare earth metals.


The quantity received material issued total remaining are noted in the Bin cards. We have not submitted the same for the award of any degree, diploma.

Organization Study at IREL |authorSTREAM

On specific requirements of customers the company also supplies Sillimanite powder by subcontracting. Page 55 concentrate from various sources to above 90 heavy minerals using spiral separators making use of gravity techniques.

It is the art of selling products. An ore is a mineral form which metal can be separated economically. In IREL became a public sector undertaking and two mineral separation plants one at Manavalakurichi in Tamilnadu and the other at Chavara in Kerala state were setup.

Repairs and overhaul activities 3. To align towards strategic activities of DAE. The process is based on solvent extraction techniques to produce thorium nitrate mantle grade thorium oxide etc. It is providing according to the irle from the time office. These are certain corporate objectives of a company and the company has started its activities into an action to achieve their common goals. All materials on our website are shared by users. In the slide Magnetic Susceptibility High and low intensity magnetic separators used.

Secondly they are responsible for maintaining consistent quality of products to the satisfaction of studdy customers through quality management system implementation. In this way budget section serves its purposes by fulfilling these objectives: The earliest color television CRTs had a poor-quality red europium as a phosphor dopant made good red phosphors possible.


Morale of the employees remains facilitating smooth working of the company. Presently there are few private organizations engaged in the mining and mineral separation of beach sand minerals.

Uranium is being extracted at the R. This is the single largest and Ilmenite and least exploited mineral deposit in the world. Welding Electrodes slide The plant operates on a mining area containing as high as 40 heavy minerals and extending over a length of 23 km in the belt of Neendakara and Kayamkulam. Last but not least we orgsnisation to all the staff members of the DC School of Management and Technology for the encouragement rendered for the completion of the research work and also we extend our gratitude to all staff and workers in IREL, Chavara for their support in our organization study.


Many of these are essential ingredients in mobile phones video game machines orgznisation and even green technologies. Safety audit are also conducted regularly. Manager Senior Manager Dy. They are the elements that have become irreplaceable to our world of technology owing to their unique magnetic phosphorescent and catalytic properties.

Zircon is used in foundries ceramics and refectories and in the manufacturing of Zirconium chemicals metals and alloys.

Marketing occupies an important position in the organization of any business unit. It occurs in association with other heavy minerals, such as ilmenite, rutile, zircon, etc.

They are mainly purchase by the Kundara ceramics for the manufacturing ifel ceramics. There are internal audit officers and administrative officers other than accountants and clerks working in this department.

Sometimes the company is considering the length of the service slide Four Deputy Officers and 14 clerical staffs are working under the Deputy Managers. Stuey Flour Ceramics and foundries. This approach has helped to attract the industries best and brightest.

Organusation main functions of HR Department are: Internal audit department is not regular department in many of the companies. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. Finance can be broken into three different sub-categories: Finance managers remain accountable for the resources entrusted them including funding facilities and staffing even if they have delegated budget and accounting responsibilities to their staff.

HERO plant is commissioned at Alwaye.