View and Download Wacom Intuos4 Large user manual online. Wacom Intuos4 Large: User Guide. Intuos4 Large Tablet pdf manual download. View and Download Wacom INTUOS4 WIRELESS PTKWL user manual online. Professional Pen Tablet. INTUOS4 WIRELESS PTKWL Graphics Tablet. Italian > (PDF · MB). intuos4. User′s manual. English > (PDF · MB) German > (PDF · MB) Cintiq 22HD. Installation guide & hardware manual.

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No part of this manual may be reproduced except for your express personal use. Wacom reserves the right to revise this publication without obligation to provide notification of such changes. Wacom does its best to provide current and accurate information in this manual. This manuall does not describe how to install your Wacom tablet. Go to front page.

Contents Go to table of contents. Index Go to index.

Wacom Intuos4 M PTK-640-IT User Manual

Go back to previous view. Page back, or page forward. If you are new to using a pen tablet mwnual tablet input tools, read the following sections. LEDs also indicate which of the four Touch Ring functions is active. Touch Ring Includes toggle button at center of ring. Contents USB port For left-handed configuration.

Intuos4 M and L tablet models only. See configuring the tablet orientation. Intuos4 S tablet models have only one USB port and no access cover.

Fingerwheel Intuos4 Mouse Notes: For left-handed use, position the tablet with the drawing area to the left of the ExpressKeys.

Wacom makes no representation, promise or guarantee that Wacom products will cure or prevent, in whole or in part, mouse-induced repetitive stress symptoms, injuries or conditions. Individual results may vary. Always obtain competent medical advice to determine the most appropriate treatment for your specific situation.

If you are unfamiliar with using the pen, try the exercises on the following pages. This is the default setting for the pen. Quickly tap the tablet twice in the same place with the pen tip. This is like clicking twice with a mouse button. Try double-clicking on a folder icon to open it. Press the upper side switch to double-click. You can use the DuoSwitch whenever the pen tip is within 10 mm 0.

The default switch positions are: Many graphics applications have drawing tools that respond to the pressure you place on the pen. Open any graphics application. You can use your traditional mouse to do this. Choose a free-hand tool in your application and use the pen to draw a dot at each grid intersection. When the Intuos4 Mouse is not in use, place it on your desk. Leaving an Intuos4 tool on the tablet may interfere with screen cursor positioning when using other pointing devices, or may prevent your computer from going to sleep.


Wherever you place your pen on the tablet active area, the screen cursor will jump to a corresponding point on the screen. You are prompted to choose a default tablet orientation during the original tablet installation process using the Wacom Tablet CD. At the log-in and user switching screens, the tablet orientation will use the default setting selected when the driver was installed.

Wherever you place the pen on the tablet, the screen pointer will jump to the corresponding point on the screen. They can also be used together with your Intuos4 input tools. This allows you to modify a tool property with your secondary hand while using the pen with your primary hand.

Example of zooming in Move your finger clockwise along the ring to zoom in or scroll down in most applications. Click on the Windows and choose the W The upper portion of the control panel displays icons representing your Tand the A ABLET Tabs display customizable settings for the selected T control panel settings. The following sections provide detailed information about each control panel tab and some of the more difficult concepts.

Many of the sections also contain useful customizing tips. Customizing the pen Customizing the mouse Customizing the tablet functions Tablet to screen mapping The pen will be selected in the T appropriate tabs will be displayed. Select a tab and choose from the available options. Customizing tilt sensitivity Customizing tool buttons Customizes the amount of pressure needed to click, draw, or ink.

Press the pen tip on the tablet to test the T setting. You can inhuos4 how the side switch operates for right clicks or other click functions.

Contents Index Select the when pressing the upper or lower side switch. To make double-clicking easier, set the side switch to double-click automatically by selecting D The M list and the appropriate tabs will be displayed.

As an additional reference, the tablet ExpressKeys display provides a visual indication of the ExpressKey settings. When using Intuos4, the ExpressKeys display automatically updates to show the key settings for the application that is currently in the foreground. Touch Ring functions can be defined for use with specific applications.

Select the screen cursor movement to correspond with the position of your Intuos4 tool on the tablet — This is the default setting for all Intuos4 tablets except Intuos4 S. For Intuos4 S tablets, the U area. Sets the screen cursor acceleration. When this option is selected, the tablet operation and the Wacom Tablet control panel options are automatically configured for correct left-handed use. The selected tablet area is mapped to the selected display area. Drawing a circle on the tablet may create an ellipse on the display screen.

The entire active area of the tablet is mapped. This is the default setting. After you have correctly configured your computer for use with multiple monitors, you can then adjust the tablet mapping by opening the Wacom Tablet control panel and changing the appropriate options. When your system is configured with multiple monitors, you can assign the D an ExpressKey. Not all options are available for all controls. Description Simulates a primary mouse button click.


Wacom Intuos4 M PTKIT User Manual – Page 1 of 14 |

Be sure at least one button performs this function so you can always navigate and click. Simulates a right mouse button click, which displays a context menu. Deletes only the last entry in the keystroke entry box. Clears the keystroke entry box. When defining keystrokes for the Touch Ring or mouse fingerwheel, the dialog box provides two K boxes.

Assign mqnual functions as described above for clockwise and Reports only the button number to the application. This function may also be used by some highly integrated applications for direct control of the pen tablet ExpressKeys and Touch Ring. Sets the Touch Ring for scrolling only action. Minimizes all open windows to display a clean desktop. Sets the screen cursor tracking speed when in M Sets the screen cursor acceleration when in M Note: M within the control panel.

See After setting an ExpressKey to D current tablet mapping between a base mapping the current setting from the M monitors. Contents In the Wacom Tablet control panel, the D is installed on a multi-monitor system.

This tab lets you set which monitor s will be included in the toggle sequence. When a intuls4 tool is first placed on the tablet it will function with the appropriate default settings for that tool, and not the custom settings of other tools — even if they are identical devices.

If the Wacom Tablet control panel is open, the tool is automatically added to the T changing the tab settings. For example, you may prefer a firm pen tip pressure setting in one application and a soft pressure setting in another. The A enables you to add an individual application to the list and then customize your tool settings for that application. In the T list, select the tool from which mankal want to remove the application-specific setting.

Then, in the A list select the application you want to remove. Contents Most of the time your tablet will work flawlessly. But if you are having trouble, Wacom recommends you do the following: If the Wacom tablet driver failed to load properly, manusl perform the recommended action in any error message that may appear on your screen.

If these tests fail, you may have a defective input tool or tablet. After testing, use the Wacom Tablet control panel to reconfigure your tablet and tools for any custom settings you may originally have been using. A value for number should be displayed.