Given a web graph, compute the page rank of each node. Use MPI – vineethshankar/pagerank. Introduction to Parallel Computing, 2nd Edition. Ananth Grama. George Karypis, Purdue University. Ananth Grama, Purdue University. Vipin Kumar, University of. Principles of parallel algorithms design and different parallel programming models are both. Introduction to Parallel Computing (2nd Edition) Ananth Grama.

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Introduction to Parallel Computing

Cost-Optimality and the Isoefficiency Function 5. The Optimal Matrix-Parenthesization Problem Control Structure of Parallel Platforms 2. Sending and Receiving Messages 6. Introduction to Parallel Computing, 2nd Edition. Characteristics of Inter-Task Interactions 3.

Asymptotic Analysis of Parallel Programs 5. Definitions and Examples Dichotomy of Parallel Computing Platforms 2. Overlapping Interactions with Other Interactions 3.

Introduction to Parallel Computing, Second Edition

Creating and Using Cartesian Topologies 6. Characteristics of Tasks and Interactions 3. Serial Editionn DP Formulations The Transpose Algorithm Granularity, Concurrency, and Task-Interaction 3.


If you’re interested in creating a cost-saving package for your students, contact your Pearson rep. Attributes Objects for Mutexes 7. Bubble Sort and its Variants 9. Other Sorting Algorithms 9. Collective Communication and Computation Operations 6.

Dense Matrix Algorithms 8. Linear Array and Ring 4. Solving a Triangular System: Physical Organization of Parallel Grzma 2. Summary and Discussion Pearson offers special pricing when you package your text with other student resources. Principles of Message-Passing Programming 6. Impact of Memory Bandwidth 2.

All-Pairs Shortest Paths The Generalized Transpose Algorithm Non-Blocking Communication Operations Example: It provides a broad and balanced coverage of various core topics such as sorting, graph algorithms, discrete optimization techniques, data mining algorithms, and a number of other algorithms used in numerical and scientific computing applications. The Data-Parallel Model 3. Principles of Parallel Algorithm Design 3.

Scope of Parallel Computing 1.