The constitution is the supreme law of the country and all other laws are subordinate to it. Any laws inconsistent with the constitution are declared void to the. Jan 15, Interim Constitution of Nepal (), which has been made through a political understanding and to be in force until a new constitution is. Apr 10, The Interim Constitution as published here includes the changes made by the five amending Acts –the Interim Constitution of Nepal (First.

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State Ministers and Assistant Ministers: If any question arises whether a Bill is a Finance Bill or not, the decision of the Speaker of the Legislative-Parliament shall be final. The principle of inclusiveness shall have to be kept in mind while choosing the candidates by 263 political parties according to part a of Sub-clause 3 and while listing the candidates by the political parties pursuant to part bthey should make sure that various people like women, Dalit suppressed groupunderprivileged tribes, aborigines, backward region, Madhesi including other class are proportionally represented according to interin law.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – 2063 (2007 AD) Part I – English

No proceedings shall be initiated in any court against any person for publication of any document, report, vote or proceeding which is made under the authority provided by this Constituent Assembly. However it looks unique with its shapes and syles on the flags of the world.

But nothing shall prevent the making of laws to impose reasonable restrictions on any act which may undermine the sovereignty and integrity of Nepal, or which may endanger the harmonious relations subsisting among the peoples of various castes, tribes or communities; or on any act of sedition, defamation, contempt of court or incitement to an offence; or on any act against which may be contrary to decent public behaviour or morality.

No person who is detained during investigation or for enquiry or for trial or for any other reason shall be subjected to physical or mental torture, nor shall be given any cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.


No tax shall be levied and raised except in accordance with law. You want to change over night, right? The method of drawing out the flag and other particulars relating thereto shall be as set forth in Schedule. Expenditure Chargeable on the Consolidated Fund: If he does not pay such fine, then it shall be recovered as government dues.

If the election of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker has not taken place, or if both the positions become vacant, the member who is by age the seniormost, in the Legislative-Parliament shall preside over the meeting of the Legislative- Parliament.

We are mamal human and they are also mamal human. The Interim Constitution provides for a Constituent Assemblywhich was charged with writing Nepal’s neapl constitution. Nanda Bahadur Pun Executive: Whether people want to believe on god or not is their constituhion, not yours.

If an understanding cannot be reached pursuant to Clause 1the Prime Minister shall be elected by a majority of two-thirds of the members of Interij Parliament. Why are you mixing up the peace loving, friendly Constiitution with dictators like Gyane?

I suppose we are thinking that well we got peace and and very rightfully got rid of the autocratic rule but little do we know about what awaits us.

Follow a policy that ensures the professional rights of labourers, increases investment to promote industry, trade and import, and creates opportunity for employment and income generation. Hi limbuwan, you think you have a better future now or that you have had your revenge on the hindus?

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The Interim Constitution of Nepal – ( AD) Part I – English | Canada Foundation for Nepal

It remains to be seen if he will really be mareko syaal in reality. Election Commission Political parties Recent elections Presidential: There shall be one secretariat to manage the work of the Legislative-Parliament. You are commenting using your Twitter account. If you can change, change the corrupt mindset of our Nepalese Leaders. Except as otherwise provided in this part, all questions submitted for decision in the Constituent Assembly shall be decided by a majority vote of the members present and voting.

  DVGW W 331 PDF

New elections were held on November 19, to the Second Nepalese Constituent Assembly and political leaders pledged to draft a new constitution within a year. Every citizen shall have the right to property to acquire, own, sell, otherwise dispose employment according to the provisions made by the law.

Constitution of Nepal – Wikipedia

The Common Era document introduced limited democratic elements, but the experiment was not successful due to the misgivings of the Rana rulers to give away power. In this model, panchayats were councils organized at the local level, presumably to ensure the representation of citizens.

Poush 1 is polar truth. However, how much have we given thought to why the old constitution failed. If a person sits or votes in a meeting of the Constituent Assembly or any of its committee meetings as a member without taking an oath pursuant to Article 67 or knowing that he is not qualified for membership in the Constituent Assembly, he shall, on neppal order of the person chairing the House, be liable to a fine of Rs.

Procedure for Passage of Bills: All citizens shall have the right to live in clean intetim. And, yeah, there will be no opposition.

Anon, How dare you attach Bloody Gyane with hinduism! The State shall adopt the policy of gradually institutionalizing peace in Nepal through international recognition and by maintaining cooperation and good relations with friendly neighbouring nations and all other countries of the world in economic, social and other spheres on constitutikn basis of equality.

Every child shall have the right against physical, mental or any other form of exploitation.

Views Read Edit View history. We should not ever forget that today we take pride of being Nepali and put our head high just because there were some brave warriors ,viz.

Address from the Prime Minister: Every person has the right to a fair hearing from a competent court or judicial body.