An Inquisitor’s power is, on paper, higher than anyone – except the So yes, that inquisitor could declare exterminatus, but nobody will do it out. Exterminatus. A Warhammer 40, graphic novel. Inquisitor Delius Alastor, traumatised by the death of his retinue, battles the plots and schemes of the.

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What, you’re surprised that an Empire of “Space Nazis 2.

Be the first to write a review. Pretty much like the Virus Bomb, except it skips right to the firestorm part and directly turns the planet’s surface into an endless expanse of raging hellfire.

Most of the time, it took them one day. While the Tau almost certainly have the technological capability to destroy entire planets I mean, if the fucking Orks can figure it out, then the Tau definitely canthere are a number of philosophical, political, and strategic reasons that they would avoid doing this in all but the most extreme circumstances.

When only one condition is listed, exterjinatus the box and contents are in the same condition. While many Marines survived, the toll, even on many of those who had thought they were safe, had been catastrophic. The only organisations known within the Imperium to have inqquisitor to and to have ordered the use of Cyclonic Torpedoes to carry out an Exterminatus are the Inquisition and the Adeptus Astartes.


Exterminatus is typically only used as a last resort, when the price of holding or retaking the world for the Emperor is deemed too high, or the threat of mutationdisease or Chaos heresy spreading to the rest of the Imperium is too great to contain by conventional means.

The sacrifice of an entire world and potentially billions of lives is no easy matter for even the often-callous Inquisition; an Inquisitor who orders such an extreme action will have his course closely scrutinised by his fellow Inquisitors.

Processed by PayPal Get more time to pay. Hotbed of the Radical Phaenonites faction, destroyed by the Mechanicus redirecting a moon into it. Complete and very useable.


Exterminatus – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Home Back to Results. If you make a purchase, there may be a delay in processing your order. This is how Mutually Assured Destruction exteeminatus, threatening each other and our own planet with Exterminatus with zero chance of survival, just so we won’t begin another World War. Typically, the order may only be given by a high-ranking Imperial commander in the Astra MilitarumImperial Navy or the Adeptus Astartesor by a full member of the Imperial Inquisition.

So maybe just camp him in cover. Think White Phosphorous on steroids. A world deemed worthy of Exterminatus is one considered past the point where anything can be salvaged from it – whether because it’s about to be lost to countless ravening giant insects that will zerg-rush and eat fucking everything or reality-warping omnicidal fungi that reproduce into millions of spores every time one dies and will all kill you because they think it’s fun or because it will be turned into a fucking daemon-and-tentacle-rape-infested shit-pit where neither sanity nor time has any meaning.

Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. Another relatively simple way is to simply take a Grey Knights army, field a single Bro-Capt. All the life was destroyed by he Ordo Malleus due to Gheistos Cataclysm. Such is his methods that he’s the closest thing the Chaos Daemons have to a true planetary exterminatus. Sign In Don’t have an account? Also, the Tombworld of Thanatos has a giant hologram map of the galaxy known as the Celestial Orrery, and if you were to destroy a star on it, the real life counterpart would go supernova.

Joking aside, it’s somewhat fluff dependent; in Seventh Retribution by Ben Counter, for instance, the Exterminatus is never even mentioned as a ‘solution’ despite the fact that the planet got infested with half a dozen daemons with great powers.

But for those who truly understand, realize I have no right to let them live. For one, the Tau Empire is inquisiyor the process of expanding, and it isn’t exactly conducive to your expansion efforts to blow up perfectly colonizable worlds; thus the Tau would likely see Imperial Exterminatus orders as an egregious waste of resources, which they wouldn’t be completely wrong about.


The destruction of the entire extermniatus is deemed necessary to prevent the contagion from spreading further. To further fear them is redundant; to hate jnquisitor, heretical. Destroyed in the 13th Black Crusade due to prisoner riot. Being former servants of the Imperium, fleets of Chaos Space Marines often still possess the good old Imperial Exterminatus weapons, like virus bombs for the old legions, cyclonic torpedoes for more recently turned traitors, or Just Shoot The Shit Out Of It for any warband with ships in their fleet big enough to carry the guns.

These exterminatjs possess two-stage warheads: The Necrons can also employ an Abattoir when directly terraforming a planet. No additional import charges on delivery. Destroyed by the Frateris Templars during the Wars of Apostasy. Boardgame counters are punched, unless noted. Several factions outside the Imperium do things similar to the Imperial Exterminatus adding any examples from the lore would be greatly appreciated.

Similarly, this method is the easiest to thwart with shields, as they disrupt the stacked efficiency needed for ongoing detonation.

Subjected to Exterminatus by Doom Warriors Chapter. Maybe under certain circumstances, if the Necrons wanted to destroy a world, they could just unleash a particularly powerful Transcendent C’tan shard on it without a Tesseract Vault. In one special case however.

Community Ezterminatus Discord Server. This article is about the destruction of planetary life. Their motives for not using this weapon are unclear, but it could be any number of things. Or, you know, because the Inquisitor who ordered it decided he wanted one for his birthday. Those who understand know that you have no right to let them live.