“S-TTL” Auto of INON Z, D series and S is not just to work out “full Manually controllable [EV Control Switch] enables you to select “real”. The Inon Z manual is famous for being hard to understand. Here’s the Inon Z configuration & settings I use with my Sea & Sea D housing and Sea. Setting up INON Z/D/S Series using a fiber optic Set camera exposure mode to Manual, Shutter priority, Aperture priority.

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Welcome to the Underwater Photography Guide! When switching to manual strobe trigger with no preflash, do I set the AAC button to single, or does it automatically sense that there is no preflash.

Inon Z Review|Underwater Photography Guide

BTW, I have a g11 camera, any issues with the strobe and G11? Reflected light from the pre-flash s is measured by the camera and used to calculate the main flash duration, for correct exposure. Be very careful not to loose the metal screw that closes the battery compartment, it’s easy to drop. Cleopatra’s Palace Diving into History: Manual mode will not fill on full power, it’s a half-stop below full power.

A special ci rcuit in the Z which utilizes the pre-flash type camera’s light adjustment principles to suppress the camera’s main ftash with following benefits: Some people say they are stronger than Ikes. Connection example in dual strobe configuration B select position at correct exposure [Right] External Auto side: You are correct the Inon manual needs to be thrown out. Camera on manual exposure with the following settings. The website doesn’t list the g11 yet, only the G A Family Humpback Adventure in Moorea.


Posted 03 November – Contaci your dealer lor advice. I have never really figured what installing the magnets in my D’s do. I own 2 Inon Z’s, and I love them.

I would also guess it would depend a bit on which housing you are using and what electronics are in the housing. Inon Z type 3 strobes recommend using low-discharge rechargables such as Sayno Eneloops. Camera ‘s internal strobe fires one or more small flashes before the main flash.

Inon Z240 Review

TienutsNov 29, The current document download page has been viewed times. Highly recommended, great choice for a strobe that can be used for macro and wide angle, for compacts and dSLR users.

At that time, the other Slave strobe is activated by the master strobe’s flash. I want to buy this strobe but I would like to read the manual first. When going on trips, i would like to have the manual on my ijon.

See how it goes. INON unique Advanced Cancel Circuit benefits you with faster recycle time and more images per battery set to eliminate drawbacks when using with a pre-flash type digital camera where the built-in flash always burst full dump. GREEN is the aperture auto mode, and corresponds with the green f-stop indications on the right dial.

Interview with Pietro Formis. Back to your original question, here is my suggestion: If you want full power, the left hand knob must be rotated to the FULL position. Mike Bartick What’s in the Camera Bag: The Z carries more sensitive slave manua comparing to existing models enabling highly accurate exposure ,anual.


That is dead certain!!! You turn the dial counter-clockwise to increase TTL power, and clockwise to decrease. My own measurements He is the past vice-president of the Los Angeles Underwater Photographic Society, has volunteered extensively at the Santa Monica aquarium, and is the creator of the Ocean Art underwater photo competition, one of the largest underwater international photo competitions ever held in terms of value of prizes.

If the camera is presenting a pre-flash, and you wish to shoot manual on the Inon strobe, it’s possible by putting the Inon in Manual, and leaving manuall magnet up. However there is a caveat – the yellow band around the right dial only runs from the 9 o’clock ion to the 6 o’clock position.

By matching strobe’s [ISO sensitivity and [aperture value to came ra ‘s settingthe built-in light adjustment sensor meters [reflectivity of subject] in real time upon starting to flash and control flash duration by itself. Preparing to Take lmagesJ P.