At the beginning of this haunting and masterful novel from the late Wagamese ( –), eight-year-old Saul Indian Horse is alone, having. Saul Indian Horse is in critical condition. Sitting feeble in an alcoholism treatment facility, he is told that sharing his story will help relieve his agony. Though. Indian Horse, a severe yet beautiful novel by Ojibway writer Richard Wagamese, concerns Saul Indian Horse, a former hockey star undergoing.

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Just finished Richard Wagamese’s beautiful novel, Indian Horse. But, based on what I now know, I wonder how they could not. Indian Horsea severe yet beautiful novel by Ojibway writer Richard Wagamese, concerns Saul Indian Horse, a former hockey star undergoing treatment for alcoholism. Saul leaves the school to play hockey with a native team and then is invited to play in a higher league with all white team mates.

Written in the first person by an author who is clearly in command of his craft, Saul awgamese a totally engaging character but also a symbol.

Book — Indian Horse Feature Film

I was shocked and started looking up information about this unbelievably abhorrent policy. I really enjoyed the unique perspective of reading about the residential school survival experience couched in the narrative of a boy who has a passion for hockey.

Despite this, Saul finds salvation in the unlik eliest of places and the most favourite of Canadian pastimes — hockey. He spent his latter years in Kamloops, B. Richard Wagamese is a poetic and powerful storyteller.

All of those things make it difficult to really get inside the protagonist’s skin, to really feel his pain or redemption.

Apr 28, Jill rated it it was amazing Shelves: A little girl is placed in a box — the Iron Sister — for repeatedly wetting the bed. It disturbs me to know that I have probably met wgamese who have been through these sorts of experiences, and that there are people alive today who can easily recall them.

Wagamse order to assimilate the native children into white culture they ruchard punished for speaking their native tongue. This book is meant for youth, adults, and elders, to be shared, to be lived, and to be treasured for the clear message of hope and the need to go the distance.

And that is because I think that most people, white folks anyway, will come to this work of fiction in much the same way as I did.

Indian Horse – Wikipedia

An amendment to the Indian Act in made attendance at a day, industrial or residential school compulsory for First Nations children and, in some parts of the country, residential schools were the only option.


This was, of course, indefensible, but…I have to believe that, like the good mother of Mark Twain, there were people at the time who believed that the schools would be beneficial to the children; that they would be taught the language and the ways of the white man and therefore able to survive in the world that he was building; and that they would be offered the mercy and salvation of what they believed was the one true God.

This novel has opened my eyes to the horrible atrocities committed behind closed doors. The year is I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The sufferings that are inflicted on the children are difficult to read, especially as they are based This is a heartbreaking and tragic story told beautifully by Richard Wagamese. Renata Nasibullina That’s about first Canadian nation. It is so hard to understand how such policies could have been implemented and continued in a humane country.

Apr 15, Wendy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was moved to tears by the very first page as qagamese result of Wagamese’s ability to instill feelings of nostalgia for a time I never lived. We sprang forth intact, with Aki’s heartbeat thrumming in our ears, prepared to become her stewards and protectors. Richard Wagamese is a wonderful author.

Subject to racist taunts by teams and audiences alike, Saul experiences racism in all its virulent forms.

About the Book

I was totally absorbed by the story of an Ojibway family trying to keep their children safe from the Canadian government who was removing first Nations children from their families! He declares that his mother had heard a thousand sermons from the pulpit justifying slavery and never one against it– the justification being that by stealing the Africans from their heathen homelands and exposing them to the good and God-fearing people of America and other countriesthe slaves would be offered the mercy and salvation of t In The Autobiography Of Mark Twainthe author at one point explains the apparent contradiction of his kind hearted, Christian mother being a slave owner.

We cannot change it unfortunately, but we certainly can help change the future. Somehow, improbably but remarkably, he discovers hockey, thrives at it despite his small size, then soars in an escape from school that takes him to Toronto — and a wider, racist world. The emotional impact of this book hits you hard, from the family that was stolen from him by despair and snow, to the horror of the residential school and then to the stain of racism.


I want to believe that they did not know. He always makes me feel like I am right there in the middle of the story.

Book Review: Indian Horse, by Richard Wagamese

As the menace reveals itself to be irrepressible, Saul eventually experiences complete collapse and descent into transience, addiction and episodic violence before finding the resource to remember his grim past, recollect the fragments, and move intentionally toward recovery and healing.

When I said that I wished I could go to school there, my mother said that no, I would not like it there, that the Indian children did not get to go home after school every day or for lunch, that they didn’t even get to go home on weekends; that they lived there away from their families. You drink down to the place that only diehard drunkards know; the world at the bottom of the well where you huddle in darkness, haunted forever by the knowledge of light.

It is while he recounts his story that Saul is finally able to articulate his experience of child sexual assault at St. His descriptions about nature and the outdoors are particularly outstanding.

The epiphany and vision he finds in hockey, is the epiphany and vision he finds for his own life. That was a border my generation crossed, and we pine for a return that has never come to be. He died last year at the age of Not a very convincing guy in which to place one’s trust seems to me. Lists with This Book.

They are the foundations of humility, and humility, grandson, is the foundation of all learning. Every Canadian needs to be informed about what happened. In The Autobiography Of Mark Twainthe author at one point explains the apparent contradiction of his kind hearted, Christian mother being a slave owner.

And until this year Canada Reads was something I sort of rlchard recall hearing about that year I lived in Vancouver, but I knew almost nothing about it. He is asked to tell his story because, according to his social workers, you can’t understand where you’re going if you waga,ese understand where you’ve been.

For instance, the author writes: On the one hand, Wagamese considers native rituals and spirituality, on the other he explores political solutions and gorse violence. This is his story, and it represents I believe the story of many such young Indian children.