The poem In the Bazaars of Hyderabad is a brilliant piece of writing by the Indian Woman poet Sarojini Naidu (–). To understand the context for writing. In the Bazaars of Hyderabad by Sarojini Naidu Summary and Analysis. In the poem, the poet appreciates the majesty of the Hyderabadi traditional bazaar. Please send me extra questions on the poem ‘In the Bazaars of Hyderabad’ by sarojini naidu. If anyone knows.. –

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Name two items of entertainment sold there? Retrieved from ” https: Now she meets musicians and asks them what they are playing.

What do you weave, O ye flower-girls With tassels of teh and red? Retrieved 24 July In The Bazaars of Hyderabad is associated with one such subject, the charm and enthusiasm of a traditional Indian bazaar in the city of Hyderabad is presented in this poem. The poet stops over at the galleries arranged by the merchants, traders, hawkers, goldsmiths, fruit sellers, peddlers,magicians,musicians and flower girls.

In the Bazaars of Hyderabad

A bangle maker studding artificial diamonds in the heated Lacquer bangle. The poem was written during the Indian independence movement. What do you weigh, O ye vendors? What do you callO ye pedlars? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I like this Report Reply. What do you sell O ye merchants?

In The Bazaars Of Hyderabad Poem by Sarojini Naidu – Poem Hunter

Chessmen and ivory dice. In this poem Naidu describes the beauty of traditional Hyderabadi Bazaars. Name the goods on sell in this patricular shop. The poet even comes across magicians and asks them what they are chanting and they bbazaars that they are chanting magical spells to charm thousand ages to come.


Sheets of white blossoms new-garnered To perfume the sleep of the dead. What do you make, 0 ye goldsmiths? To present the pictorial scene of the bazaar, Naidu uses rich sensory images and a vibrant sense of touch, sound, smell, sight and taste.

In The Bazaars Of Hyderabad – Poem by Sarojini Naidu

I love the way she writes the poem Report Reply. Retrieved 1 July Poetry and drama use in the geography class”. Crowns for the brow of a bridegroom, Chaplets to garland his bed.

Cithar, sarangi and drum. What type of shop is referred to in the poem? Then the musicians were asked what they play and they say sitar, sarangi and drums. What items mentioned in the poem are sold by weight and what items are sold by numbers? Delivering Poems Around The World.

Turbans of crimson and silver, Tunics of purple brocade, Mirrors with panels of amber, Daggers with handles of jade.

Here are some important questions relating to the topic. Spells for the aeons to come. Indian poems Poems about cities. The mirrors sold by the merchants in the bazaar were framed with a yellow colour stone.

Give the meaning of mirrors with panels of amber. The poem is in the form of questions asked by the poet and answers given by the vendors. Sarojini Naidu’s Other Poems. The conversation form of poem, that is set in the form of question and answer between vendor and buyer, makes the readers feel that they are present in the Bazaar.


These bells are as weak and delicate as the wing of a dragonfly. Spells for aeons to come. Simultaneously they make gold girdles for dancers and scabbards for the kings to keep their swords. Emotional moods are stirred by the poet, when Naidu makes the readers feel that the bazaar life also witnesses both sorrows and joys. Therefore, the wares sold by the people in the bazaars of Hyderabad i. Beautiful poem by the nightingale of India Report Reply. Visual depiction is described by the use of lively colours such as silver, crimson, purple, amber, blue, azure, red and white.

What are they doing? Richly your wares are displayed. What items on sell were used by king, dancers and other people? These bells are used for the feet of blue pigeons.

The New York Times. Where are the merchants? She hails from Hyderabad and this poem is in the praise of the city, its beauty and the richness. Olfactory senses are stimulated through the use of the fragrances describing sandalwood, henna and the smell of flowers.

They reply; necklace, bracelets, anklets, rings, and continued to say that, they also make bells for blue pigeons that are tied to their feet. The play was organised to promote the literary work of women.