Form IMM is used by individuals who want to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to visit Canada for a temporary purpose such as tourism, visiting. IMM () E (DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS – IMM F) to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay or Remain in Canada as a Worker (IMM ). Completed “Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay or Remain in Canada as a Worker” (IMM ). Completed Document Checklist (IMM ).

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This applies even if you are a citizen of a country that does not need a visa to enter Canada. If your employer is a mission, foreign government, international organization or a bridge or francaus authority, they may be exempt from the Employer Compliance Francaiw.

Get the instructions to complete the medical examination. Temporary residents travelling with passports: You are not obliged to hire a representative. You must calculate your expiry date based on your intended work start date plus the duration of your CAQ. These skill levels include management and professional occupations and technical or skilled tradespersons. Question 5 Enter the date your national identity document will expire.

Guide 5290 – Aide familial résidant

Votre mariage est fracnais valable du point de vue de la loi. For example, if your work permit has expired and you incorrectly apply for an extension of work permit, no refund for the extension will be provided and you will be asked to provide a second fee for the restoration.

Applying for more than one service at the same time You may apply for a study permit by completing the IMM form. After reading this guide, if you believe you are eligible to apply then you should proceed as instructed below:.

How to Download and Use Adobe Acrobat for CIC Forms – Immigroup – We Are Immigration Law

Renewing your work permit If your application for a work permit renewal is approved on or after May 1,we will automatically issue you an eTA. All questions in this section must be answered or the application will be considered incomplete and will be returned.


If you choose to have an upfront medical exam, you must submit proof that you completed the medical examination with your i,m. If you have applied to franfais your work permit and plan to travel outside Canada while your application is in process, you can leave and come back.

Veuillez prendre note que: You must not work for an ineligible employer. Vous devez donc demander une prorogation de votre permis de travail avant son expiration. Only in a few special circumstances presented in this guide can an initial work permit be applied for within Canada:. See if you need a Labour Market Impact Assessment. Maintenir votre statut et faire une demander un permis de travail ouvert au Canadas Appendice B: There are certain things you can do to help ensure that your application is processed as fast as possible: These are the little boxes on the form where you directly type the relevant information in.

A single mistake on an application form can delay Veuillez prendre note que:. Please select all that apply: Click on Check application statusand follow the instructions provided.

You may submit an application for any of or a combination of the following services: For all other new employer work permits, send your application to: To apply onlineyou must have:. If you do not sign and date the application form, it will be returned to you. Autrement, laissez le champ vide.

Guide – Aide familial résidant –

Please fill in the form. Question 4 Enter the date your passport or travel document will expire. Find out if your biometrics are still valid and when they expire by using farncais Check Biometric Status Tool. Send a Complete Application. The following are the forms that must be filled out and submitted: Common Errors and Mistakes.


Visit the link below and follow these instructions to pay: You must provide truthful, accurate information. If your application is refused, you can only stay in Canada until the expiry date of your current temporary resident status.

You want to get your immigration process right.

Question 1 Check Yes or No to tell us if you are a lawful Permanent Resident of the United States with a valid alien registration card green card. To obtain a refund, you need to send a written request to withdraw your application to the Case Processing Centre.

In order to obtain this number, the frabcais must use the Employer Portal to: Donnez les renseignements personnels au sujet de: Question 1 Cochez la case pour indiquer si vous avez un passeport ou document de voyage valide.

The printed receipt is your proof of payment! Question 1 Provide the date and the place where you first entered in Canada Question 2 Indicate the purpose of francwis original visit: In cases frrancais the employer is found to have not complied with previous commitments to foreign workers, the employer may be deemed ineligible to hire a foreign worker for two years.

When medical results are submitted up-front, routine cases benefit from faster processing since we do not have to request them at a later date.

imm 5669 (01-2017) f

You may still be francis for restoration if you continue to meet the initial requirements for your stay and have not failed to comply with other conditions imposed. Visit Electronic Travel Authorization for more information. Check our webpage to view the current List of Ineligible Employers.

Academic degree awarded by a graduate school of a college or university. Go to Online Payment.