Title Imagine by Rick Maue Medium:Booklet Arena: Mentalism, Available: Any shop, , distributed by. Imagine by Rick Maue. Another great book from Rick Maue. SKU: Category: Books Stevens Magic, Amazon. See more Books with Rick Maue here. Another great mentalism item from Rick Maue. SKU: And for $35 it is hard to imagine a better value in magic today. The effect is a.

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Apr 24, I think Rick has released something special here and I don’t mind one bit if many of the people who buy it, designate it straight to their junk drawer. Nov 6, With regards, Sean www. Greetings Sean, Thanks very much my friend. I found it fascinating and of value.

Final Picture – Rick Maue

On this download, Rick presents a number of his signature pieces, as well as several unreleased items, with many of the effects coming from his working repertoire. It is amazing how much people give away without speaking and this addresses one of the immagine subtle ways. Jason Messina Elite user Posts. You pull a card out of a deck and lay it on a table, the first spec tells you she was thinking of a club, the second was thinking of a ten, you turn over the card and it is the ten of clubs.

Rick Maue Magic Tricks

And everything can be done without the performer ever touching anything-so there is obviously no sleight-of-hand. Feel free to contact us. Thank umagine, Mr Maue. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. You pull up two spectators and have one just think of a either a heart, spade, diamond, or club, they are just to imagine and focus on it, they do not at any time write it down or tell anyone else what is on their mind.


Marked Cards reviews.

But there is more It does require a bit of thought and a degree of practice but whoa In addition, everything that you muae need to perform the routine is included except of course, the cups, the table, and the audience members.

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IN CASE Maue’s method strikes out on you — have a few billets handy and know a few switching techniques — and you’ll have the outs to make his stuff work percent. I just wanted people to know it is as basic as you can get away with.

Magic Tricks

The End by Rick. The effect Serial Killer from the book is one of my favorite bits of impromptu mentalism Rick has provided a handful of routines kmagine this technique and they are pretty good.

We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for! I wish he did because I am a big fan.

View our magic tricks index. But you can get Imagine and most of our other releases at other shops as well.

Because other audience may find out what you are watching for. Believe it or not, nothing that you have ikagine read describes what this release is really about. You have to have the right spectator and have rock mentally prepared for the performance but mauue does work as I did it to two people this morning.

Read our privacy policy. Imagine by Rick Maue – Book Imagine. Marked Cards reviews. But, there is a catch Some will read it and never try it, others rikc try it and be surprised. The idea is very good. Simply put, everything here can look, and feel, like real mind reading. Five audience members are brought forward–one joins the performer at the center of the performing area, and the other four position themselves in the four corners of the stage where there are four laminated targets to mark the spots.


I really enjoy it because I too get caught up in the process which helps the feeling of realism. Rick, Thanks for sharing Imagine. Title Imagine by Rick Maue Medium: The goal of this project is to bring the process of creation to life-thus enabling the reader to understand not only the how of the routine, but more importantly, the why.

There is no advance preparation. See a site map. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. Be the first maus write your review! Thanks for the nice words in your post, and also for the excellent review for Imagine. Let me quote from the back of the booklet: Well, I will sadly say that Paul Harris has nothing to do with my releases.

I loved the idea eick I first read it and adored it even more when I began playing around with it.