I was looking in MagickCore::CompositeOperator but i didn’t find flatten operator. Something like backgorund i found, but how to do gray50?. That’s what “-flatten” does. It takes a sequence of images, composes them one at a time against the previous image(s), taking transparency into account. As nick said, the function Imagick::flattenImages() is deprecated. Replacing it by Imagick::mergeImageLayers(Imagick::LAYERMETHOD_FLATTEN) partially.

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Flatten transparency – ImageMagick

The color of the backdrop is specified as the background color. For example, to log cache and blob events, use.

The part of the source that lies outside of the destination is combined with the part of the destination that lies outside of the source.

Thus the ” -flatten ” option can be regarded as a short cut for the ” -layers ” method of the same name. Is there a way to flatten a.

This is the number of bits in a color sample within a pixel. Multiplies or screens the colors, dependent on the destination color.

Alternatively, you can choose a particular set of colors from an image file with this option.

Multiplies or screens the colors, dependent on the source color value. Quality was hardly degraded and file size is small. The image size is multiplied by the width and height percentages to obtain the final image dimensions.


The Mitchell filter is used if the image supports a palette, supports a matte channel, or is being enlarged, otherwise the Lanczos filter is used. I have a suspicion that only the first layer is “visible”. In addition to width and height, use —size with an offset to skip any header information in the image or tell the number of colors in a MAP image file, e.


A -fill blue label: Edit Report a Bug. Optionally you can include the image filename, type, width, height, Exif data, or other image attribute by embedding special format characters described under the —format option. It has no effect on the image appearance, since the imagemagico is always lossless. Similarly, using —type TrueColorMatte will force the encoder to write an alpha channel even though the image is opaque, if the output format supports transparency.

The point method recolors the target pixel. flattenn

Gamma less than 1. This option specifies whether the utility should attempt to use shared memory for pixmaps.

The pdf2ps ps2pdf method is faster but I noticed for me it was increasing the file size. Glenn Randers-Pehrson 8, 2 25 I read about the -flatten option here as well.

-flatten option use in ImageMagick – Stack Overflow

If all three color values are the same, the result is a bi-level image. Email Required, but never shown. Unfortunately, Method 2 does not rasterize the image, so if you are trying to block out sensitive portions, a user could still open the document and remove layers with something like Inkscape. If this profile is not stripped from the image, then Photoshop will continue to treat the image using its former resolution, ignoring the image resolution specified in the standard file header.


By default the file is written to its original name.

This option creates one or more definitions for coders and decoders to use while reading and writing image data. Brightens the destination color to reflect the source color.

I found these 2 method via Google, in this thread titled: The comment is not drawn on the image, but is embedded in the image datastream via a “Comment” tag or similar mechanism. This option affects operations that use virtual pixels such as —blur—sharpen imagemgick, —waveetc.


This option compares each image with the next in a sequence and returns the maximum bounding region of any pixel differences it discovers. The central idea of the algorithm is to replace a pixel with its next neighbor in value within a pixel window, if this pixel has been found to be noise.

Follow the pixel imagemmagick with a method:.