EXPOSURE RATING. ILFORD ORTHO Plus black and white copy film is designed for many applications. It is particularly recommended for continuous tone copy. Camera used for this shot was the Pinhead 3D printed pinhole camera – focal length = 90mm with a mm pinhole, with Ilford Ortho Plus @64ASA, processed. ILFORD ORTHO PLUS Copy Film is a medium speed fine grain film suitable for studio photography, continuous tone copying, medical and forensic applications.

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We also shot TMX as a reference, since it’s not a realistic representation really, but you could read the writing on the bag which was important to establish the provenance. The problem has been, as I have realized, that there is no perfect shot, just like there is no perfect moment. Now the notes oortho back, but it isn’t possible to edit them or add new notes.

Sammurrai by Michele Ferrari.

ilford ortho plus photos on Flickr | Flickr

With large format and the near-obligate tripodI have no reason not to. The original left a lot to be desired when I looked at it on my Mac with a Retina display. Ecco cosa voglio fare con il mio antico banco ottico Everything you need to know, and then some: Pacemaker Crown Graphic 4×5 Lens: My dream shot has always been this corridor on a wide angle lens. If your safe light is yellow and not directly overhead, you can develop ortho film with it.

I use it mostly for copywork–it’s very similar to using a wratten 47B blue filter with pan film, but without the filter factor–which usually adds about 4.


Ilford Ortho | Zero Image 45 | Film-Love | Flickr

Processing can be done, as if a paper, in trays using a RED safe light. To me the two top films are Ilford and Bergger, with Bergger being my most favorite. I can see why some people like the Ortho Oortho for pinhole work! The ortho doesn’t look all that much different, skin tones are slightly darker, shadows a bit more open, blue skies lighter.

Never actually been inside, it never ilfore me, however I do like the exterior design. Pawnee Buttes, Colorado by Conspiracy of Cartographers. How many mistakes can you make on one image?

That is to say, contemporary photographers who use it. This is how I’ve always done things and likely how I’ll always do them.

No, create an account now. The writing was very faint and red, the bag was a faded olive drab. C’est tellement plus simple.

Try it and see if you like the results! Or is it just used for copying work? I think this may explain to some degree the mottling in the sky values ;- Interesting, though! Super Speed Graphic 4×5. The Village of Brandywine grew around the mills and became one of the earliest communities to emerge in the Cuyahoga Valley.

I have no idea what I was going for, so there’s really no failure possible. As Lachlan was asking about camera use, I answered his question. Put it in the camera and you get a negative Ilford Ortho Plus, developed in D stock. Thanks John, that’s the one I referred to as the spec sheet.

First test of Ilford Ortho Plus 4×5 film, processed in D straight for 7 minutes. Specifically in the case of portraiture, ilfordd I see Gerald Koch has already remarked, the lack of red response will mean that any skin redness, spots, blood vessels below the skin surface, etc. Hi – I’ve just collared a couple of boxes of Ilford Ortho from the Bay – they’re one or two years past the sell-by but I want to try it out on some still life and maybe some landscape. The same filter, is recomended by AA in “The Negative” in order to obtain an “ortho’ look.


Bear in mind, there are two types of ortho film. They couldn’t explain what happened, but it looks like they boosted the contrast a bit for some reason. Graflex Crown Graphic Optar f4. That’s okay, ilfotd don’t have to. My solution in those days was to follow an article in the View Camera Magazine i. I treat Ortho Plus like pan film, i.

That seemed to do it.

Jun 26, 4. It may not be possible. The price is also outrageous! Dear Aggie, How does the ortho give you a positive?

Ilford Ortho Plus

The End of an Era by Eric Smith. Try removing the dark slide and remembering that you forgot to do the final focusing, but you notice that the lens is open. Of course, if I were raised higher, the buttes might blend into the horizon beyond them.