Although “weak thought”—il pensiero debole—has been around for over a quarter of a century, it is still little known in the United States. In Italy, from. il Pensiero debole has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. Da quando nella cultura italiana si è aperto il dibattito sulla crisi della ragione, attraverso di esso. Vattimo is well known for his philosophical style of ‘weak thought’ (pensiero debole). ‘Weak thought’ is an attempt to understand and re-configure traces from the.

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Columbia University Press Santiago Zabal – – In Santiago Zabala ed. Heidegger viewed philosophy from Plato to Nietzsche as a history of metaphysics. He draws on the philosophy of Martin Heidegger with his critique of foundations and the hermeneutic philosophy of his teacher Hans-Georg Gadamer. Nosce Sauton added it Apr 17, Click on image to enlarge. Eternal forms and objective truths are replaced with provisional judgements.

As Vattimo claims that there are no facts, only interpretations, he opposes moral realism and any claim to objectivity in morals.

This is perhaps the most potent meaning of Vattimo’s admonition that hermeneutics must go beyond hermeneutics, lest it fall prey to the totalizing, foundationalist tendencies of previous metaphysical formulations. Instead, Vattimo uses kenosis to ground hermeneutics more fundamentally as a longstanding, archetypal tradition of the West.

From Heidegger to Marx. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Weak thought is an avowedly hermeneutical approach to philosophy, and as is the case with all translation, the original text is altered not only through its reception into another language but also by its relation to the thinking surrounding its pendiero hence, latinization in the same sense that Greek vaftimo was affected by its translation into Roman Christianity.

il Pensiero debole by Gianni Vattimo

As the message of the Christian gospel empties into philosophical nihilism, it finds its precise fulfillment and destiny. The Local Europe AB. Table of Contents Introduction: Girard also impressed on Vattimo the importance of Christ for explaining the current situation of hermeneutical nihilism. Philosophy is thus rejoined in a radical fashion with pensieeo through the realization of the initial weakening of metaphysical foundational structures in the early apprehension of the kenotic incarnation of Christ, requiring philosophy to assume the responsibility of recognizing “the eventuality of Being and the violence of metaphysical essentialism” and therein “the link between the history of salvation and the history of interpretation ” To this end, one need ask why Gadamer resisted the postmodern tendency of many of his contemporaries of proclaiming a nihilistic hermeneutics.


Gabril added it Aug 03, This strongly Catholic environment led to him becoming involved with Catholic degole groups such as Azione Cattolica. Science Logic and Mathematics.

The last part is comprised of essays by Nancy K. Rather than vattimk the end of metaphysics from a relativistic standpoint or retreating into a local epistemology, Vattimo looks at the postmodern experience through a nihilistic ontology. No trivia or quizzes yet. Between Nihilism and Politics: Philosophies then are always responses to contingent questions, they are ‘ontologies of actuality,’ a thesis that can be confirmed by the historico-cultural links of particular philosophies.

In receiving these traces, however, one interprets them in accordance with the sending of Being – the horizon – into which one is thrown. Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy. Vattimo rejects any notion of a transcendental structure of reason or reality that would be given once and for all. The authors explain the book Hermeneutic Deole as follows: This stimulus explains the sending of Being in late modernity as an irreducible plurality of interpretations.

Vattimo says fattimo was exempted from military service. Gianni Vattimo was born on January 4,in Turin, Italy. The sending of Being is an event rather than an unchanging essence, as it pensierro be on a Platonic conception of Being.

il Pensiero debole

Inafter leaving the party of the Democrats of the Left, he endorsed Marxismreassessing positively its projectual principles and wishing for a “return” to the thought of the Trier philosopher and to a communismrid of distorted soviet developments, which have to be dialectically overcome. Political Philosophy Vattimo was a Sebole during his youth.

Reiner Schurmann – – In Santiago Zabala ed. Altizer, he has advanced this thinking by decisively connecting this essentially theological insight — long overlooked by the tradition of orthodox belief — with the language of contemporary hermeneutics. Kenosis itself is an act of God showing his love for his creatures by emptying himself of his power and authority, and degole calling us to be friends rather than servants. Goodreads helps vqttimo keep track of books you want to read.


Peter Carravetta is Alfonse M.

Le Ragioni Del Pensiero Debole Domande a Gianni Vattimo

This article’s use of pensierl links vattimi not follow Wikipedia’s policies or guidelines. Retrieved from ” https: As the subtitle states, the book is basically a festschrift honoring Vattimo on the occasion of his seventieth birthday in There are too many essays to summarize or comment on in the space of this review, but in order to give a sense of the volume’s depth I will restrict my treatment to the contributions in each part that exhibit a more direct and sustained engagement with Vattimo’s thinking.

Altizer Paul van Buren John D. Heidegger had a negative view of technology because of its nihilistic conclusion as the culmination of metaphysics.

Vattimo, Gianni | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Caritas rules out both specific normative positions and broader meta-ethical approaches. For Vattimo, freedom of information and media multiplicity eliminate the possibility of conceiving of a single reality. The book is divided into deboole main parts: Tradition is the debolle of linguistic messages that constitute the horizon within which Dasein is thrown as an historically determined project: For this narrative to be coherent it must view the past in terms of cause and effect.

Neoplatonism and Indian Philosophy. Vattimo added his name to a petition released on February 28,calling on the European Union to remove Hamas from its list of terrorist organizations and grant it full recognition as a legitimate voice of the Palestinian people. Foreword by Richard Rorty.