Sholom Secunda’s If Not Higher is a musical dramatization of one of Isaac Leyb Peretz’s most famous short stories, “Oyb nit nokh hekher.” This story also forms. IF NOT HIGHER. And the Rebbe of Nemirov, every Friday morning early at Sliches-time, disappeared, melted into thin air! He was not to be. If Not Higher by I.L. Peretz. Taken from Jewish Short Stories from Eastern Europe and Beyond, a 10 CD set available from our store at.

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And without further ado he goes in. Learning From the Past: The Rebbe has been awake some time. He grew cold all over, and the roots of his ear-locks pricked his temples like needles. As a member, your support helps our ongoing work rescuing, preserving, and translating Yiddish books, and presenting innovative programs that celebrate their content.

First, the rebbe here fulfills the mitzvot of charity and kindness.

“If Not Higher:” Discovering Jewish Values Through Yiddish Literature

Speaking Yiddish and Opening Doors 1 minute 34 seconds. Peretz assumed that culture, as the accumulation of Jewish experience, would eventually have to replace religion at least in its conventional sense as the driving force of an inevitably modernized Jewry; and he viewed Yiddish literature as basic to that culture. The premiere occurred that same year in Rochester, New York, with Tucker in the lead role. The Rebbe lies still, too—the Rebbe, long life to him, upon the bed and the Lithuanian under the bed!

My Notes – An Education Material Portal For Students, Teachers and Researchers: IF NOT HIGHER

In that process, they become part of a folk culture in which knowledge of authorship has evaporated. Through his own voracious reading, he went on nlt familiarize himself with rational dimensions of Judaic philosophy and to become conversant in the classics of Western civilization and the Western canon extending to Polish literature —often in their original languages, in which he was both tutored and self-taught.


A fearful, Solemn-Day hush broods over i.l.prretz dark streets, broken not unfrequently by a cry of supplication from some little Minyan, or the moan of some sick person behind a window.

And his ihgher flow, Bathing the prayers ascending in the night In mercy and love. It was followed by a performance in in Cleveland, with the Robert Shaw Chorale, and another in in Atlanta. A number of his stories and essays reflect that conviction.

Explore all interviews. Whoever has heard the groaning of the Nemirover Rebbe knows what sorrow for All-Israel, what distress of mind, found voice in every groan. Higber Lithuanian trembles, but he persists.

Then he makes a bundle, binds it round with the cord, throws it on his shoulder, replaces the hatchet in his belt, leaves the wood, and goes back into the town. Please leave this field empty. When she still declines out of fear that she would never be able to repay even so small a loan, he reproaches her—as a Pole or Russian speaking to a Jew: Advice to Future Generations 52 seconds. This is their own conclusion.

Of a rabbi who went to Heaven And a Litvak who would not believe it. Who for life and who for death; Who for good and who for ill. Tracks Liner Notes Lyrics Credits. Rather, they should be preserved by Jews in tandem with Polish and Russian—or, by extension, with the particular languages of other countries of which Jews were a part.

An artless time, A time of woe, but a time of faith. The soul that heard was dissolved in grief. Peretz did not diminish his condemnation of the corruption, ignorance, and perpetuated superstitions of Hassidism, but he found a nuanced i.l.pperetz to use Hassidic and other Jewish folk environments and incidents to reexamine their merits on moral and ethical planes and to serve as a collective backdrop against which he could portray some of the diversity and mystery of an aggregate Jewish culture.

Though his primary concern was the defense of Yiddish and its core legitimacy, he could not sanction discarding Hebrew from its vital place in Jewish history and culture. Hughes, Campbell Assistant Engineer: Thereafter, he was relegated to employment within the bureaucracy of the Jewish communal structure in Warsaw. During the four decades following the publication of this story init appears to have been widely known in Iif among various groups of Hassidim who, in their insularity, would neither have read nor i.l.oeretz been permitted to k.l.peretz Peretz or any other modern Jewish literature; nor would they even have known his name.

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Then, when the stove was alight, and the wood crackled cheerily, he repeated, more gaily, the second part of Sliches. Is one not necessarily superior to the other? In the night, they say, He recalls. For Peretz, Zionism was but one of the various Jewish political movements to which a fortified Jewish culture in u.l.peretz own languages could be a preferable alternative and better serve the Jewish future. And the Rebbe answers again in the Little-Russian speech:.

Tensions Within Toronto’s Jewish Community 3 minutes 55 seconds. Serving the lowly, he celebrated his Maker, Offering his litany with joy. Marlene Hait was born in in Landsberg am Lech, Germany. Especially after his period of imprisonment in ostensibly for perceived socialist sympathies or for aiding socialist activity, although he was not an uncritically committed socialisthe wrote neo-Romantic folk and Hassidic stories that embraced original material as well as recast versions of traditional tales in new illuminations.

The Lithuanian hears and lies still. Well, the Lithuanian points out a special bit of the Gemoreh—and hopes it is plain enough: The Hhigher puts them on. But while the month iv Elul died in death, And the moon of Tishre ached to be born, There was yet hope— A glimmer— A chance To avert the severe decree.