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IEC. First edition. Surge arresters –. Part 6: Surge arresters containing both series and parallel gapped structures –. Rated 52 kV and less. This part of International Standard IEC applies to surge protective devices designed for repeated operation to limit voltage surges on a.c. power circuits. This part of IEC applies to non-linear metal-oxide resistor type surge arresters without spark gaps designed to limit voltage surges on a.c. power circuits.

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This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in A ground lead disconnector is optionally available for use on systems having 20A or more of available fault current. The advantages of polymer housed arresters — reduced size and weight, and iecc safety — have been refined in this new generation of surge arresters: A disconnector that has operated gives a visual indication of internal arrester damage and the need for arrester replacement. We are particularly pleased by the visit of this fair because we carried out some business talks with potential customers with whom we met at the Hanover Messe fair in previous years.

Consult with your Cooper representative to have your individual system application needs studied. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: Designs with the EGLA’s external series gap installed in parallel to an insulator are not covered by this document.

Under some special system conditions, such as transformer energization using certain types of connections and ferroresonance, higher voltages can be experienced by the arrester. In addition to testing to evaluate the performance of the MO resistors, procedures for evaluating the performance of the EGLA series gaps have been introduced.

The disconnector will sense and disconnect the ground terminal in the unlikely event of arrester failure, preventing a permanent system short circuit.

Power-Frequency Overvoltages The second application criterion to be met is a condition established by the effectiveness of system grounding.


Shopping Cart Your shopping cart is empty. Considering the particular design concept and the special application on overhead transmission and distribution lines, some unique requirements 6009 tests are introduced, such as the verification test for coordination between insulator withstand and EGLA protective level, the follow current interrupting test, mechanical load tests, etc.

Using Metal Oxide Varistors MOVs having excellent electrical properties, these arresters provide superior overvoltage protection for MV distribution systems. Independent laboratory tests have verified the superiority of silicone rubber in terms of hydrophobicity, resistance to UV and surface tracking performance oec contaminated environments, chemical inertness, temperature stability and other key insulating properties.

Also, such a fair allows us to understand and analyze the competition.

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Valid Estimated date of Estonian translation publication: The motive for the participation in the Hanover fair was to establish new contacts with potential partners or representatives of companies that market equipment for power systems. This edition constitutes a technical revision.

Table 1 in Catalog Section I provides a general application guide for the selection of the proper arrester rating for a given system voltage and system grounding configuration. LV surge arresters They have IP67 protection which ensures reliable operation in iex environments. After production, every MOV disk must pass a series of electrical tests designed to ensure the highest individual disk quality.

Accessories for overhead networks We produce different patented accessories for MV power lines. 6099

PKI – post insulators They have an innovative insulating head with integrated conductor clamping system. Electricity distribution companies from more than 40 countries worldwide already made the decision to trust the knowledge and technology of our company.

Our most important products oec low and medium voltage surge arresters and medium voltage insulators.

To ensure that the arrester’s capabilities will not be exceeded, the resources of the Thomas A. The fair fulfilled our expectations. In our production is already for 9 months fully implemented the collaborative robot UR5 from the Danish company Universal Robots.

NKI – tension insulators Our tension insulators have specified mechanical load 90 kN. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The voltage withstand capability application on ungrounded systems is 1. The rating of an arrester is the maximum power frequency line-to-ground voltage at which the arrester is designed to pass the IEC operating duty test. Metal-oxide surge arresters with external series gap EGLA for overhead transmission and distribution lines of a.


NKI – tension insulators

The Lightning discharge capability test has been completely re-written and re-named to Test to verify the repetitive charge transfer rating, Qrs with lightning discharges to reflect changes introduced in IEC Ed. Systems which permit earth faults to remain undetected or operate with one phase earthed for periods in excess of 24 hours will require the use of an arrester having a Uc continuous capability equal to the system maximum phase-to-phase voltage. Therefore, and since metal-oxide resistors are not permanently connected to the line, the following items are not considered for this document: Manufacturing our own MOV disks allows strict quality control over the manufacturing process from start to finish.

Ic surge arresters must be selected with sufficient steady-state self impedance to withstand the application of line-to-earth power 600999 voltages under all system conditions of operation. Surge arresters – Part 8: In the company, we are aware that such fairs represent the beginning of concluding new deals on foreign markets, which is also our main goal. The number of visitors and established business contacts is in line with expectations.

EVS-EN IEC 60099-8:2018

This document defines surge arresters to protect the insulator assembly from lightning-caused over-voltages only. UltraSIL silicone rubber will not support biological growth algae and mildew and is non-flammable. Our showroom A41 was in Hall Give feedback about the content of this standard. The fair also presents an opportunity to deepen existing contacts. Our company was also an exhibitor this oec at the world’s largest energy fair in Hanover.