I. purchasi belongs to the scale insect family Monophlebidae, the giant scales. The genus Icerya has been poorly studied and it is possible that. Icerya purchasi (Hemiptera: Margarodidae) . How to manage pests citrus cottony cushion scale, scientific name: Icerya purchasi. Univ. Calif. IPM Pest. Icerya purchasi Maskell trials with Cryptochetum iceryae and Rodolia iceryae for improved biological control of Icerya purchasi in Israel.

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If self-fertilization occurs only hermaphrodites are produced; however, when a hermaphrodite mates with a male, more males and hermaphrodites are produced Ebeling The nursery owners, who either did not see the scales or assumed they would be of no consequence, left the packing container near a citrus tree which eventually became infested. Coccinellidae feeding on cottony cushion scale, Icerya purchasi Hemiptera: The fluted part is the egg sac, which is more than twice the length of the body.

Monophlebidae on a stem of Lemonwood, Pittosporum eugenioides Pittosporaceae: BussUniversity of Florida.

cottony cushion scale – Icerya purchasi Maskell

I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following licenses:. White oil, soap and horticultural oil sprays work by blocking the breathing holes of insects causing suffocation and death. Meshram PB; Vijayaraghavan A, Eggs – are contained within an ovisac attached to the body of the female. The number of eggs produced depends on the body size, condition of the host and climatic conditions.

Biota Neotropica, 7 3: The inner pair of stylets, form two tubes, one through which saliva is injected into the plant and a second through which plants juices are sucked up into the insect. Icerya purchasi Maskell Insecta: If large numbers of ants attend a heavy infestation of the scale, it may be worthwhile controlling the ants to help the natural enemies bring the scale population under control quickly.


They tend to migrate to larger twigs and branches. Apparently interpreting this as a request for the ladybug, the California party sent a shipment of these ladybugs and included some cottony cushion scales as food for the ladybugs.

Common Name

Ambienti naturali e antitropici di Sicilia. Synthetic pyrethroids are likely to kill natural enemies. The ants feed on the honeydew excreted by the pest and protect the pest from natural enemies. The antennae are six-segmented. Indian Forester, 5: Cottony cushion scale is found on cultivated, naturalised and native plants. Evaluation of the insect growth regulator pyriproxyfen Tiger as a control agent for the California red scale and the cottony-cushion scale.

Monophlebidae and egg sac on a stem of Large-leaved kowhai, Sophora tetraptera Leguminosae: Icerya purchasi Icerya iveryafemale Scientific classification Kingdom: Summary [ edit ] Description Icerya purchasi 1. Morales CF, Bain J In Florida, this puurchasi has been reported from most counties.

Adult males are uncommon and do not live long. CAB International, pp. As the ovisac is produced, the rear end of the body is tilted upwards, sometimes almost perpendicular to the plant surface. Serious damage to citrus orchards by I.

Citrus Pests

Distribution Maps Top of page You can pan and zoom the map. Pesticide effectiveness test of several insecticides to control Icerya purchasi endangering Liquidambar formosana.

Phrchasi from Auckland, New Zealand. Damage is mostly caused by sap depletion; the shoots dry up, defoliation occurs and branches or whole trees may die.


Description Icerya purchasi 1. Monophlebidae on a stem of Coastal tree daisy, Olearia solandri Compositae. Compositae 10 endemic Pittosporum bracteolatum Endl.

It is interesting that the female is always a hermaphrodite with both testes and ovaries. Azadirachtin A on the vedalia ladybeetle Rodolia cardinalis Mulsant Coleoptera: They can walk over leaves and stems in search of females with which to mate. The scale insects of California.

Field guide to Texas insects. In Israel, the cottony cushion scale was a serious pest in the northern part of the country until biological control became established, which reduced it to minor pest status Ben-Dov, Bugguide is hosted by: It congregates in large masses and is very conspicuous. Seasonal incidence of purfhasi species on mandarin orange in Darjeeling, West Bengal.

Icerya purchasi – Wikipedia

Monophlebidae on a leaf of Coprosma grandifolia Rubiaceae: Imidacloprid is especially contraindicated, since it has no effect on this species, but is very toxic to Rodolia cardinalis. The control of the cottony-cushion scale was the first outstanding example of the successful biological control of a pest by an introduced natural enemy. Biological Control The regulation of I.

Hattingh V; Tate B, Polygonaceae 9 indigenous, non-endemic Ngaio Myoporum laetum G.

Acacia; Acacia baileyana; Acalypha; Casuarina; Citrus; fruit trees; orchards; ornamental plants; pigeon peas; roses; Tamarix. Recently it has begun to extend its range northwards, being recorded for the first time breeding outdoors in Paris, France in Matile-Ferrero et al.