UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules Version Contents: Section I. Introductory rules · Scope of application (article 1) · Notice and calculation of periods of time. Schiedsordnung Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut (NAI) Schiedsgerichtshof der Internationalen Handelskammer (ICC) Untermenü anzeigen. Schiedsordnung. (); Fry/Greenberg/Mazza, The Secretariat’s Guide to ICC Arbitration (); Glossner/Bredow, ICC, LCIA und DIS-Schiedsgerichtsordnung-Unterschiede.

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Contact us Find a document Become a member Careers More sites. In making such determination, the Court shall take into account the views of the remaining arbitrators and of the parties and such other matters that it considers appropriate in the circumstances.

In all matters not expressly provided for in the Rules, the Court and the arbitral tribunal shall act in the spirit of the Rules and shall make every effort to make sure that the award is enforceable at law. Thereafter, all written communications from the parties shall be submitted directly to the emergency arbitrator with a copy to the other party and the Secretariat.

Die bedeutendste der aufgenommenen Anderungen betrifft die Einfuhrung eines beschleunigten Verfahrens, das einen gestrafften schiedsgerichtlichen Prozess mit entsprechend ermasigter Gebuhrenordnung bietet.

Clifford Chance | Am 1. Januar tritt eine neue ICC-Schiedsgerichtsordnung in Kraft

At any time after the commencement of the arbitration, the arbitral tribunal or the Secretariat may require proof of the authority of any party representatives.

Such persons must respect the confidential nature of the work of the Court. Ein Schiedsverfahren nach der ICC-Schiedsgerichtsordnung ist ein formliches Verfahren, das mit einer rechtsverbindlichen Entscheidung eines neutralen Schiedsgerichts endet. The same shall apply where the Secretary General confirms arbitrators pursuant to Article 13 2. The arbitral tribunal may request the parties to submit case management proposals in advance of a case management conference and may request the attendance at any case management conference of the parties in person or through an internal representative.

A copy of any notification or communication from the arbitral tribunal to the parties shall be sent to the Secretariat. Learn more and set cookies.


Wie die ADR-Regeln, die sie ersetzen, konnen die Mediations-Regeln auch fur andere Verfahren oder Verfahrenskombinationen beispielsweise Schlichtung oder neutrale Bewertung eingesetzt werden, die gleichermasen eine gutliche Streitbeilegung bezwecken. If the parties have not agreed upon the allocation of the costs of the arbitration or other relevant issues with respect to costs, such matters shall be decided by the arbitral tribunal. As soon as possible after the last hearing concerning matters to be decided in an award or the filing of the last authorized submissions concerning such matters, whichever is later, the arbitral tribunal shall: How to be a successful arbitration practitioner.

Constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal 1 The Court may, notwithstanding any contrary provision of the arbitration agreement, appoint a sole arbitrator. The arbitrators, any person appointed by the arbitral tribunal, the emergency arbitrator, the Court and its members, the ICC and its employees, and the ICC National Committees and Groups and their employees and representatives shall not be liable to any person for any act or omission in connection with the arbitration, except to the extent such limitation of liability is prohibited by applicable law.

Arbitration Rules – ICC – International Chamber of Commerce

Mediation Die ab geltenden Mediations-Regeln entsprechen moderner Praxis und enthalten klar definierte Verfahrensmasstabe; zugleich lassen sie den Parteien Spielraume fur die Gestaltung des Verfahrens im Einzelnen. The procedural timetable and any modifications thereto shall be communicated to the Court and the parties. The arbitral tribunal may make the granting of any such measure subject to appropriate security being furnished by the requesting party. If the last day of the relevant period of scchiedsordnung granted is an official holiday or a non-business day in the country where the notification or communication is deemed to have been made, the period of time shall expire at the end of the first following business day.

Arbitration Rules

Ic Secretariat shall provide a copy of such statement to the parties. Should the party in question wish to object to this measure, it must make a request within the aforementioned period for the matter to be decided by the Court.

The following are examples of case management techniques that can be used by the arbitral tribunal and the parties for controlling time and cost.


The respondent may submit such other documents or information with the counterclaims as it considers appropriate or as may contribute to the efficient resolution of the dispute. The Schiedsorrnung shall provide such information to the parties in writing and fix a time limit for any comments from them.

Number of Arbitrators 1 The disputes shall be decided by a sole arbitrator or by three arbitrators. The Secretariat may fix a time limit for the submission of a Request for Joinder. These rules assure parties of a neutral framework for the resolution of cross-border disputes.

However, in suitable circumstances and provided that none of the parties objects within the time limit fixed by the Court, the sole arbitrator or the president of the arbitral tribunal may be chosen from a country of which any of the parties is a national.

The Court may take any steps as may be necessary to enable the arbitral tribunal to comply with the terms of such remission and may fix an advance to cover any additional fees and expenses of the arbitral tribunal and any additional ICC administrative expenses. Claims Between Multiple Parties 1 In an arbitration with multiple parties, claims may be made by any party against any other party, subject to the provisions of Articles 6 3 -6 7 and 9 and provided that no new claims may be made after the Terms of Reference are signed or approved by the Court without the authorization of the arbitral tribunal pursuant to Article 23 4.

In the absence of such nomination, the sole arbitrator shall be appointed by the Court within as short a time as possible. If there is no majority, the award shall be made by the president of the arbitral tribunal alone. Es gilt jedoch nur fur Schiedsvereinbarungen, die nach dem 1. A copy of any written communications from the emergency arbitrator to the parties shall be submitted to the Secretariat.