The Theology of Arithmetic. On the Mystical, Mathematical and Cosmological Symbolism of the First Ten Numbers. Attributed to Iamblichus. The Theology of Arithmetic: On the Mystical, Mathematical and Cosmological Symbolism of the First Ten Numbers. Front Cover. Iamblichus. Phanes Press, Jan 1. The theology of arithmetic: on the mystical, mathematical and cosmological symbolism of the first ten numbers. Front Cover. Iamblichus. Phanes Press, .

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That is, 36 is circular, is spherical. First, from an academic point of view, given the author’s eclecticism, he has preserved, or he reflects, work which would otherwise be lost to us: I have indicated such changes by leaving an extra line space in the text a single centered asterisk is used when such a break coincides with the end of a page.

See all 13 reviews. That is, 25 is circular, is spherical. Starting with the monad and making a sequence by doubling, seven numbers yield 64, the first square which is also a cube: I liked this work in part because there was no contamination of the ideas from the author. But what is equal is homogeneous for there is only one type of equalitybut what is unequal is highly hetero- geneous for there are many types of inequality and has two primary types, greater and lesser; so also where the soul is con- cerned, there will be an equal part and an unequal part, and the equal part will be divine and rational, while the unequal part will be mortal and irrational; and the greater aspect of the unequal part is the passionate soul for it is a boiling over and, as it were, desire to shed excesswhile the lesser aspect is the appetitive soul for it is defective because of its seeking for what is missing ; but every- thing, when it is controlled by the rational part of the soul and partakes of equality on account of the rational part, gains virtue — the passionate part acquires courage, the appetitive part [36] mod- eration.

Because the tetrad is like this, people used to swear by Pythagoras on account of it, obviously because they were astounded at his discovery and addressed him with devotion for it; so Empedocles says somewhere, “No, by him who handed down to our generation the tetraktys, the fount which holds the roots of ever-flowing Nature.

Full text of “Iamblichus – The theology of arithmetic”

The Tetraktys of ten ‘dots’ with the basic symmetries between them. I will describe what the discharge arithmeticc like: Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.


Each of the basic ‘geometricals’ can be generated out of a series of morphic points as three-dimensional reflections of the first monad or the ‘original’ singular spherical body — the sphere being the most perfect and most simple three-dimensional form, simul- taneously representing the unique, unity and the unified.

Secondly, the text itself is undeniably scrappy. Thirteen, which is the number of the occurrences of lunar cycles in a single year, as well as the number of closest-packed spheres around their nuclear sphere, is followed by the very special number nineteen, which is not only the magic number of years it takes for the sun and moon to be in the same relationship, but is also a sacred FOREWORD 21 number for both the Holy Qu’ran and the Christian Gospels.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Equality is “what is being sought”: Designed by David R. In particular, this Decad contains those numerical harmonies proposed by Plato for such a vital story as the generation of the ‘world soul’ in the Timaeus, as we shall see. Hence, on account of it, there are three so-called ‘true’ means arithmetic, geometric and harmonic ; and three which are subcon- trary to these,- 3 and three terms in the case of each mean,- and three intervals that is, in the case of each term, [16] the differences between the small term and the mean, the mean and the large term, and the small and the large terms ; and an equal number of ratios, according to what was said in ordering the antecedents; and moreover three reversals appear on examination, of great to small, great to mean, and mean to small.

The nine, which is the last archetypal number before returning to the unity of the decad or ten, begins the row of the four lowest positions. However, to return to the significance of our number pattern. The Pythagoreans must have based their deep regard for this particular form see the Pythagorean oath quoted on the dedication page on the breadth and depth of symbol- ism it carried or could carry for them.

Buy the selected items together This item: Several others have helped me to understand one or more passages of the treatise, and I would like to acknowledge such assistance from the following people: Moreover, there are three rectilinear angles — acute, obtuse and right. Like what other reviewers pointed out, the book is a synopsis.

Hence, just as if x is double y, then x 2 is four times y 2and x 3 is eight times y 3and if x is triple y, then x 2 is nine times y 2and x 3 is twenty-seven time y 3in the orderly arrangement of all numbers; so also in the orderly arrangement of parts, if x is half y, then x 2 is one quarter y 2and x 3 is one eighth y 3and if x is one third y, then x 2 is one ninth y 2and x 3 is one twenty-seventh y 3.


It is certain that Archytas made advances in the science of mathematics; but my opinion is that he left arithmology pretty much as he found it, though he certainly wrote on the subject.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Imagine numbering the strings on a four-stringed instrument 6, 8, 9, Moreover, anything in Nature which has process has three boundaries begin- ning, peak and end — that is, its limits and its middleand two intervals that is, increase and decreasewith the consequence that the nature of the dyad and ‘either’ manifests in the triad by means 3.

Iamblichus – The theology of arithmetic

Chapter one is on the Monad, chapter 2 is on the Dyad… all the way to chapter 10 on the Decad. Diodes says that when 35 is multiplied by 6, the resulting is a solid number, because is the number of days in seven months of thirty days. It rules over the category of relativity too, either by virtue of its ratio as regards the monad, which is double, or by virtue of its ratio as regards the next number after it, which is sesquialter; and these ratios are the roots of the ratios which extend infinitely in either direction, with the consequence that the dyad is also in this iambllichus the source of multiplication and division.

There are seven vowels and seven alterations of voice. The harmonic proportions with the three harmonic means of 4, 8 and There’s a problem loading this menu right now. The Pythagoreans, following Orpheus, called the hexad ‘whole- ness of limbs,’ either because iamblichis alone of the numbers within the decad is a whole equal to its parts or limbs, 16 or because the whole — Alexa Theoloty Analytics for the Web.

Anatolius says that it is called ‘matrix’ and ‘matter,’ on the grounds that without it there is no number. Write a customer review. Despite its succinct format, however, it is quite a dive into the depths of ancient thought. Amphitrite was Poseidon’s wife; her name is here derived from rhe separate] and ‘triad. I’ve enjoyed this translated text very much.