This chapter describes the boards supported by the BSC The BSC UUP (UMTS RNC user plane processing). -. -. 2 GE. 2 GE. Home/Groups/Wireless Network Info Community. BSC e BSC RNC in Pool. Armetta Diamond (1) 4 years 6 months ago View: Reply: 0. Comment. This program provides thorough understanding of 3G Technology, product and hardware description of Huawei RNC , with their data.

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Step 2 Check whether alarms are listed on the Fault tab page. You can query the alarms and events that are generated when the NE is in a specific status by setting advanced filtering conditions. Huqwei details, see Table If you perform this operation, a prompt is displayed when you edit the reg. If yes, extract the commands that fail to be executed to generate a new MML script, correct the commands according to the prompts, and then go to Step 4 to run the new script.

To make the configuration rncc effect, format the configuration data in the OMU database huawsi generate a. Compared with issue 02this issue does not exclude any topics. Compared with issue 04 of VRC00, this issue does not exclude any topics. Context Select a verification method according to the actual scenario.

fnc All or part of the products, services and features described in this document may not be within the purchase scope or the usage scope. Set officename by moving the cursor with arrow keys to change the name of the OMU. For example, pressing Alt, A means the two keys rjc be pressed in turn. Otherwise, check whether the OMU and the router are properly connected.


Compared with issue 02this issue includes the following new topics: It aims to ensure that the BSC can work rn by performing verification tasks related to equipment, BSC board software and data file loading, interfaces, and services.

The type of the board is Correct the board type and then reload the data to the incorrectly set, board.

BSC Boards and its funtion-Core Network Info Community-Huawei Connect

For example, you can run the following command and then press Enter. The following takes one base station as an example to describe the commissioning process on the Abis interface. Ensure that the external virtual IP address is on the same network segment as the external fixed IP address. Compared with huswei 03this issue does not include any new topics.

If this tab page is hidden, 6900 Progress in the toolbar on the LMT main page. Procedure Step 1 Set the scenario for NE health check.

Courier New Examples of information displayed on the screen are in Courier New. Then this task is complete. Check whether the configuration is consistent physical link is functional, with the physical OML connection. A dialog box is displayed, prompting that the NE health check scenario is set up successfully. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which if not avoided, could result in equipment damage, data loss, performance degradation, or unexpected results. Prerequisite l All the subracks of the BSC are running normally.

Bsc6900 UMTS/GSM Bsc Rnc 6900 Rnc6900

If so, make a new connector and assemble the cable again. Context There is no dedicated interface board for the Lb interface. Logging in to the OMU remotely, run the ping command to check whether the network connectivity between the BSC and hhuawei M is available. For example, log in as user root.


Procedure l When the data link layer of the Lb interface is carried on the Abis interface board, verify the Lb interface in the same way as for the Abis interface. Verify the configuration of the route from the BSC to the M A confirmation dialog box is displayed, asking you whether to proceed.

Press Enter to change the reg. The voice is times. Compared with issue 05this issue does not include any new topics.

Convention Description Boldface The keywords of a command line are in boldface. For example, hours may be needed for executing a script with 4 MB. Table lists communication ports used by the services of the BSC The connection is proper, Go to step 5. If they are inconsistent, modify the configuration according to the physical OML connection. The State of many timeslots is Idle, and there is no timeslot with the State of Failure. The Rncc is operational. The value of Operation state is Activated state.

Italic Command arguments are in italics. Click Scenario Management on the displayed tab page. Compared with issue 03this issue incorporates the following changes: Step 2 Create the NE health check task.

If the channelized STM-1 transmission is used on the interface, check the hjawei of the optical port. rmc

The Compare consistent message is displayed. Board status of other boards of Replace the faulty board and then reload the data to the same type is Normal, the new board. The values of available bandwidth are not all 0.